sabato 23 febbraio 2013

DDay -1

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So... i still can't believe it, but finally it's the day before the flight.... and the beginning of a new and scary adventure since it's the first time i'm staying away from home for so long, and especially so far away....

To be honest i have been really excited till this morning, because i had the need to leave this house but... somehow today i woke up with a panic attack thinking this would be the last day spent home... not forever i know but... i guess it's a similar feeling to when you're going to get married? xD i don't know haha

Anyway.. i had promised i would write everyday here but last month turned out to be really hectic so i hardly had time to check the internet and keep in touch with people through SNS... and well yeah, i had farewell parties and met people and relatives here and there... with my mom bragging about my departure with every single person she met... seriously... =.= and then relatives worried i would not come back or worse, come back with a korean guy... lol i don't think that will ever happen hahahah xD

The most stressful thing (or maybe not) has been getting the Visa.. I had to travel to Milan twice to bring the documents and then get my visa but the trip on train was horrible (the second time while i was coming back my train got stuck in the middle of nothing and had to wait for 5 hours in the cold and dark for someone to help us... horrible memories..) and the first day consulate workers were not so nice to us....
But hey! In the end we got everything so yay!
There's was also a bit of confusion about the various papers to fill before leaving but i should have everything filled up? i hope...

As for Sogang... well... I have to say the organization there is completely different from my university... everything is clear, and they help you in every way... ^^

Since i wasn't in Korea yet, i also had to take a placement test somehow so they asked me to write a paper about a topic (there were 9 topics - 3 topics per level (초급, 중급, 고급) - i chose a 중급 one) and send it, and then the said me they would call me on this Friday for an interview.
Obviously i didn't know what they would ask me so i neither knew how to prepare myself.. conclusion is i didn't get prepared at all OTL
the day before i went to my teacher and tried to have a talk but it had no use since she also didn't know what they would ask me.
On friday i had the interview at about 8.20am but i was such in a state i woke up at 6am because of a nightmare:
the lady interviewing me had come to my place and started asking me things in Spanish o_O i was baffled  and asked why and she answered me that Spanish was popular in south america at which i answered that i was going to south korea not south america..
said that, i god a bad mark because i was mixing spanish english and korean and so when i woke up i was really down (it was so real yet so unreal = the university was like a water theme park?? ) so i just started reviewing random grammar points and words for 2 hours... in the end, i started saying things without a sense lol.... I still don't know what level I got in... but i don't have a good feeling since the interview went bad in my opinion... ^^"""
I hope i'll overcome this shyness and panic once i get to Korea... Since I'll have to use korean everyday for 6 months... gosh... this is one of those things which make me not that happy to leave.. T_T i want to stay home can I T____________________T

le me is scared ok....

anyway now i have to finish packing my hand bag... sob....

and tomorrow morning before leaving i have to go to vote for the 2013 Italian Elections ^^

I think this is all~!

giovedì 31 gennaio 2013

오랜만에 요리~♥

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어제 이런 말했죠: 내일 부터 한국어로 글 써볼게.
그러니까 오늘 첫번째 한국어 이야기 주제: 요리!

스트레스 받은 날이어서 스트레스 풀기 위해 처음으로 판케이크를 만들었다!
영화를 보면 특히 미국 영화를 보면 어떤 순간에 판케이크 만드는 사람이 있잖아... 이탈리아에는 그런 과자 없고 궁금해서 오랜만에 해보고싶다고 생각했다.. 근데 찾았던 요리법 어려웠다.. 그래서 오늘 눈을 뜨자마자 페북 방문하다가 쉬운 판케이크 요리법 나타났다!
슈퍼마켓으로 뛰었고 (아니다 ㅋㅋㅋ 자동차로 갔지 ㅋㅋ) 재료를 샀고 오후에 판케이크를 처음에 만들어봤다 ^^
귀엽고 맛도 완전 대박이다!

초콜릿 판케이크 그리고 바닐라 판케이크 만들었다~~♥♥

이제 내 방 좀 정리해야하고 샤와해서 일찍 자야겠다. . 내일 새벽 네시 일어나야하니까... ㅠㅠ


mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013


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On monday I finished all the exams yay! Last week I suddenly decided to change my study plan and drop anthropology because it would take me too much time just for that subject and since my major is korean... I decided to focus on korean and korean culture ^^" also because after reading all those books I realised I don't want to work in that field so.. I'm happy to know so many things now though xD

Now I'm trying to focus on the language... slowly.. xD will be really busy in the next weeks because I'm going to meet all my friends and habe to get ready to leave~

Today I went to visit Deb and cooked her some 라볶이 and 김치전 ^^ (rabokki and kimchi jeon) my stomach is hurting so much rightnow ㅠㅠ too spicy for me sob TT
Waiting for next train in a cute coffee shop where I've spent most of my time while waiting for friends and trains since last year!

And what else.. oh yeah on friday I have to go to Milan because of the visa... got to bring my documents and hopefully by the end of next week I'll have my visa! Now all it's left is the health assurance and check all the things with my bank... yay d-day getting closer~♥

I wanted to start blogging in korean so I might write from time to time here just in korean kk that's my goal... to write once a day and record me talking too... like basic stuff but I need to get more fluent since as of now I speak really slowly.. and I can't recall things D: I get too nervous in front of a camera and in front of ppl TT so yeah... that's my goal for the next weeks~
I'll try to keep it up~

Now I gotta go catch the train and go back home (suddenly craving for some spaghetti)

sabato 19 gennaio 2013

Half done~ and a bit of promotion for Jaejoong new album ♥

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Loong time no see~ not really but still xD I tried to post everyday but then I thought "that's just wasting precious time for my studying" (not really since I have procrastinated for most of the time :ºD )

Anyway! I've passed (well) 2 exams out of 4 and got a little reward pause in the past 4 days... which I didn't intend to have but... lol.
On monday I bought the new luggage~♥ and started doing some shopping... buying things I probably won't bring to seoul.... and probably won't wear... lol I bought dresses and I usually don't weat dresses xD
What else... oh yeah also bought my flight yeah~^^ I'll be leaving on the 24th of February and will get there on the 25th :)  I won't be able to enter the dormitory till the 28th so I have to find a place to stay at for those 3 days ^^
Yesterday we also started things for the visa... let's hope everything goes smoothly ^^"""

I had some stress from exams, family and preparation, but thankfully things seem going not that bad... ^^

This week Jaejoong released his mini album which.... I've been playing nonstop for the past days... it's just... awesome.... the MV of MINE and the song itself wasn't really my genre but as I kept repeating it I couldn't help but be amazed by his vocals... for real...

My favorite song so far is 나만의위로 which is also the song that made Jackal fall in love in the movie "jackal is coming".
I can completely understand why.. the song is captivating and with an increasing use of instruments starting from a ballad it develops in a beautiful rock ballad song... the bridge of the last song just gives me goosebumps every single time.

This is one of those moments in which I'm so proud of Jaejoong and of being his fan... ^^
Put aside my silly everyday jokes about being his wife etc... seriously I admire him and thanks to his voice and character I was able to keep thinking positive and understand how lucky I am to be where I am ^^

Now let's start another day of shopping... that I should have passed on books... OTL

domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Love for photography

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I was thinking i need a new camera.. or better, a camera XD.. for my trip... I don't really need it... it's just i love taking pictures and even though my smartphone's camera is really good, i think nothing's better than a real camera... is it?
I was looking around the internet and found this one...
The resolution of the pictures is 20.1mpx!! O_o
It's just wow! The pictures look so clear.. T_T i was taking a look at the tag on tumblr and seriously that's pure art... T_T (or maybe a person just need to be good at taking pictures? XD)

Anyway, i kinda gave up after i saw the price... too expensive for me... I'm saving a bit for the sake of travelling in Korea, but if i spend my money on this camera i'll be then penniless... so i have to choose between the two choices and of course I'm pending more for the traveling... ^^
I'll just go with a cheaper option :p

By the way, in 2 days.. less than 2 days... on Tuesday I'm having my first exam and OBVIOUSLY I'm procrastinating looking for a camera and an accommodation in Seoul... and i don't need to do so since I've decided to go for the dorm... :°D

I'm fearing it might not be the best choice but... I've never been to Seoul, I've never been away from home for more than 5 days, I don't know what to expect from living alone, I've never shared a place with someone else since i have my own room and bathroom in my house.. ^^"" And an apt for just myself would cost way too much... since I'm not going there to work...

Oh well, now I have to focus on my exams, fill in all the papers, and buy the plane ticket.. all must be concluded by this week...! ^^ Oh I also have to buy a suitcase since it's the first time someone in my family heads out on such a long journey...! ^^

mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Yet another day with books

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I've been studying ciltural anthropology for the past 2 weeks and as much as I'm loving this field, I think that 6 books for just this exam are way too many @-@
But if you're interested in knowing many aspects of our society (and other society) and the way our brain works, I really recommend to try discover anthropology because it's charming ^-^
The more you know the less you try to judge others because it makes you understand that your vision of the world is not the only one and thus the only right...!
Another gopd point is that studying anthropology ,which is an holistic vision of the world, you also learn economic politic psychological social cultural and linguistic  aspects. So in the end you get a complete image or idea of what a society means to the human kind.

I also received the confirmation email for the University in korea (I'm attending sogang university ) and now what's left is the study plan, the visa, plane ticket, and final preparations to leave.. ^^
Still no news about the dorm though. .. I hope they reserved a place for me otherwise I'll have to find a room somewhere  :/
Let's keep the fingers crossed! 

martedì 1 gennaio 2013

Welcome 2013! :D

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To welcome the new year i decided to change some things and say Hi! once again to this blog~~! ^^
Since i'm going to be reaaaally busy with the exams till the 2nd of February i might not be able to write here a lot, but i'll make sure to write down all my experiences from the moment i'll land in korea :p (or even from the moment i'll start getting ready to leave.. xD )
With the new year and with all these changes i'm making in my life (both real and virtual) i feel much more at ease and i think i might be finally able to feel the excitement of leaving~

It's been my dream since.. 4 years ago? i think so..

I should be excited!!! :))))


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