domenica 25 aprile 2010


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lol, i forgot to put my new hairstyle in this blog xD

it wasn’t chosen by me –.-“

my hairdresser chose it… but yeah, now i etart to get used to it, so it’s not that bad i guess ^^””




*points Min on the background*


anyway… i changed xDDDD

sabato 24 aprile 2010

officially back

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my internet connection is BACK!!!!!!!

*crying of happiness*

i really can’t believe it!! TT^TT

anyway… i’ll be able to update again xDDDD

if someone’s happy, hands up!!



ok, no one’s interested –.-“”

i think in the next weeks i’ll have to do something for the graphic… i haven’t been doing anything in the past weeks, but i know i should change this blog, shouldn’t I?

but i’m just too lazy i think ahhahaahahhahahaha!


my love for JJ is still the same <3 [though i’m totally against his decision to make a triplet with the other 2s <,<]


I’VE SEEN SUNAO!!!!! and *_______________________________________*

omg JJ is just soooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

i wanna be his sisterrrrrr ç____ç

lunedì 12 aprile 2010

Little update about the owner of thìs forum's life

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It's been a week i'm trying to post in my blog through my handphone.. let's see if today it works..! i'm sorry for not updating this blog but it's not my fault.. yesterday i went to a restaurant with my relatives and found the owner spent her first 20 year in KENYA~! and we spoke in english lol. i'm glad cuz i don't have many chances to do it!
while today i had another fight with my mom cuz i wanted to stay at home..

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