mercoledì 26 maggio 2010

dead… happy… dead

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dead: School… today too, school… =____= and OF COURSE, i wtudied Spanish for nothing as i wasn’t asked ANYTHING… *no comment*

happy: when i got home forgetting thaty i left the keys at home and was about to cry after fidning my borhter at home there was a package in my mailbox from Hong Kong <3 YesAsia <3

JJ’s Bracelet.. nothing special xD very simple, so.. 5 dollars.. it is quite a lot IMO but whatever





FIVE IN THE BLACK THE ALBUM!!!!!!!!! FINALLY IN MY HANDSSSS!!! it is just the CD version, but i bought this cuz i just LOVE Miss You Ballad vers ^^



JJ’s ring.. ok doesn’t look good on me, my hands and finger are not beautiful –.- .. and i also have to change to finger on which wearing it.. i’m not really engaged to JJ xDDD Photo0434 Photo0435


Dead: i had to study physic.. and i don’t understand ANYTHING.. it’s past 21 and i still have to learn most of the things… TT__________TT Aigoo…

furthermore, i don’t remember the dialogue about the orangutans…

for dinner, i killed myself.. =_=


remember this kind of ramyeon?


well, i tried it, and it was damn SPICY HOT T___T

i wasn’t able to feel my mouth anymore after it T________T

martedì 18 maggio 2010

pieces of korea

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today i got a HUGE package on the table when i got home after school!

and it was from S. Korea!!!

it was MinJi who sent it to me!!

i was just so happy seeing that package, that when i opened it i was :O

i just love that girl! <3

these are the things i found in it sorry for the bad quality of the image, but my handphone have some problems with focus i think.. ]


opened package



rice and something else [still to verify]



ramen with… ?? xD


good for your line! x°DD



ramen 2



chocolate with peanuts? Photo0411


shrimp flavoured chips



chocolate made by yourself xDD can’t wait to try it!! Photo0413


… biscuits?  Photo0414





chocolate Photo0416


pies with.. *have to try* Photo0417





the description on the fan of the fan.. but it isn’t readable



explanation of korean dishes Photo0421 Photo0422





seoul card Photo0424


stickers <3 Photo0425


korean events cards Photo0426

lunedì 17 maggio 2010

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this girl is just amazing with her hands!!

giovedì 13 maggio 2010

absurd day number 2

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well, i surely have an exciting life –.-
first, this night i didn’t slept at all cuz i was frightened by today’s classes.. in the end, i almost convinced my italian professor to do the oral test in 2 weeks.. at least.. i hope so.. tomorrow there’s the math test, and i have to focus on it today… T_T pliz, i don’t wanna be asked tomorrow in italian…
next, latin… when  i arrived at school, i found that there was a part of Oratio to read.. damn.. luckily he didn’t want to ask anything to anyone, and neither on saturday >_<
finally, art.. it went quite smoothly..! tough it could have been a better mark ^^”
but i’m not saying NOI to a 7.5 especially in art XDD

the  most important part, is on my way going back home..
as usually, i couldn’t find my bus pass, so i decided to walk to the station. the point is, there was the sun till 10 mins bfr, and then, when i started walking, i light rain started to fall.. after some steps, the Flood….!!
i didn’t  bring with me the umbrella this morning cuz of the sun, and of course, i got wet in a few seconds!! and i still had to walk for 15 mins!
so i started running, and after a while in a supermarket a kind man offered me an umbrella.
i arrived at the station in a terrible condition –.-
really… there isn’t a day that is normal in my life <.<
let’s just pray tomorrow will be ok at school.. TT___TT i  just hope to pass the year.. just that.. after that.. i will think about the upcoming when there will be the time

mercoledì 12 maggio 2010

my life’s just crazy

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yesterday i had a meeting with my professors as i’m the representative for my class, and it ended at 3.30pm.

well, i ran to the train station  to get the 15.53 train, but when i arrived i found all the station blocked with trains on all the railways and passengers out the windows tired to wait.

I FORGOT yesterday it rained cats and dogs, so logically, FS were in panic =_=

anyway, i was able to take the bus, and i came home at 5.00

i didn’t have much to do for today, so i just watched the 15th episode of Oh My Lady!

watched… TRIED.. videos weren’t working <.< so it took 2 hours to watch an episode of 60 mins –.-

after that.. i fall asleep.. and woke up this morning at 6.30… which means i slept half a day O_O

i went out as always to take the train, but when i watched the watch it was quite lat so i stated to run [of course i stopped after.. 200 meters? xD] and when i arrived the train was coming. i told to my self it wasn’t necessary to run again [especially cuz the station in my town is up a little hill, so it’s not the best thing ] and when i tried to push the bottom to open the doors of the train ,it left =_____________________=

i lost all the willingness to go to school, especially cuz tomorrow i’m going to have 3 oral tests [i hope it won’t happen!] so i decided to study, but i had to wait my mom and dad left home cuz they’d just get angry if the know this.

now i have to start studying but i’m exhausted TT______TT

furthermore, no packages in my mail box çOç

domenica 9 maggio 2010


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today instead of studying, i followed my parents to IKEA. i think everyone knows what it is xD

well, remembering the wok they bought me last time, i decided to have a look at the kitchen corner, and in fact, i wasn-t disappointed at all!

i finally found the bowl Maangchi always use [like every person in a korean drama xD]





some vanilla flavour candle



some moulds for cooking Photo0381


little bowl for dressing and sauces Photo0382


bowls for rice and other things [i bought 4 of them in case someone’s coming at my place DEBEHEHEHEMERICAEHEHEHEEM]Photo0383


and finally a medium size bowl for… something xD Photo0384 


i’m quite satisfied, because i was craving for those bowls.. i wanted to buy a pot too, but it was too expensive ^^; [i cant afford something that cost 50 euro rightnow ]

i was given a recipe book too!! ahahah i love cooking!!!


oh.. i also looked for some furniture for my future home… i think i’m going to need some money –.-

but yes, it was a motivation to find a job xDDDDD

and damn, i wanna min’s drama bed T.T

Jae, please, wait for me to come there, then decide if u wanna marry with me or not T.T


ok.. now i absolutely have to start studying German.. 6.. just 6… i don’t ask for anything else T.T

sabato 1 maggio 2010

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i dreamt about JJ <333


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