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First of all, the girl in white is said to be a new sasaeng, I think she’s the reporter. Let’s call the short haired girl, girl A, the long haired girl, girl B, and the newbie (reporter?), girl C. Please note that there are a lot of cuts in the documentary and we also hear the voices of the guests who are commenting at the same time.
@ 00:44
They are at KBS Music Bank recording and girl C asked the girls to tell her what she should know and do (about the sasaeng actions).
Cut – Girl B: Bodyguards? Those guys don’t even go to the bathrooms.”
Cut – Girl A says that once Yoochun took her memory card and dropped it in the coffee.
Caption: They accept and understand their oppa tough action.
Then girl B explained that somedays, he’s Angel Yoochun, and the other days, he’s Evil Yoochun.
Girl A received a text about Yunho who’s in the practice room. Girl C asked if they can go there now but somehow, they don’t.
They passed by Yoochun’s house, we see the whole family members’ cars, girl A said when YC was in the mood, he took his dog Harang for a walk. Since bodygard said that Yoochun left this morning, Girl B thought they rather went to see Jaejoong.
@ 03:05
They explained the system of the taxis: they are drivers who allow their services to the sasaeng, they called them sasaeng-taxis, and that’s the 1st car they saw when arrived at destination.
That’s where they met their unnie who was waiting for JJ. Girl A/B (?) asked her if Jaejoong got upset again, but she said no, she got a problem with the security guy (not sure because of the video cut).
When they were in the car, the talk dealt with Jaejoong being at SS501 Kim HyunJoong parents’ house. Then they stopped trying to meet him.
Girl A read Yoochun and Yunho daily life, confirmed that YC backpacked his stuff and left for JeonJu (in Jeolla, South of Seoul) and YH was at movies. The girl on phone was stalking to YH and CM dorm (there’s another team over there).
They were in front of Junsu’s house. Girl B called a sasaeng-taxi (sataex) telling him that she had to go to see Yunho, and she tried to get news about Junsu, but she got nothing from him. (that’s part is hilarious)
The girls finally got some news from the ‘sataex’, Yunho was at a café. They drove over there, found him and took their pics until he left in his car.
video credit: HoLoveMin
translation credits: kenoa@sharingyoochun
shared by: + DBSKnights

and then my mom says i’m crazy trying to watch the filming of a drama? O_O i think this is worrying!

i mean, i tried to take a few pictures, and i didn’t stalked them around the city… O_o

i really wonder how can idol live.. O_o

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tonight i had the most crowded dream so far.

i was in a gym, with my middle school mates, and sort of exhibition of a group of girls who were my figure skating mates..

they wanted to do something, but i don’t really remember what.

anyway.. we were told to stand in lines to see better this show, so i was going to stay in the first line, but i was told that people behind me couldn’t see anything so i had to move back with the tallest guys.

i think this is the first time i enjoyed being so tall? XD

well, i ended between Lee MinHo and YunHo. next to YunHo there was YooChun and one of my middle school mates and after him i think ChangMin? i don’t really remember..

near Lee MinHo there was my best friend in middle school.

well, after the show, they started chatting, and Lee Minho was having in hand a new kind of hand phone and my friend was saying that there wasn’t another one released as MinHo was saying. so i told him that in Korea were more advanced in technology and probably it was true. i searched online, and it was like minho said xD

after it, we started chatting, and i was feeling SO well near someone SO tall xDDDD

on the other side, YooChun was talking with my friend, and i wanted to ask YunHo if they were still in good terms as before, but didn’t find the nerve to do it, because in the end it wasn’t my business.

i know it doesn’t sound exciting, but for me it was!! i mean, i dreamt so many people”! there were also the actors of Athena [what a strange thing x°D] but they were considered as stars so they were in another part of the gym taking pictures and after it they left.

i was still chatting with Lee Minho, when my dad called me to get my help =_= at 7am..

i fall asleep again, and dreamt about the location of the filming of Athena in which i was before going to the gym. here i was informed that they were going to film again in Italy, so i asked to one of the Italian register about the details and he was about to give me his number, when my mom entered my room asking if i wanted to go to the market with her…. =_________= damn…


but i dreamt






KekekeYOOO (3)


so i’m happyyyy xDDDDD

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jaejoong and his cooking skills

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oh my god really.. jaejoong, let me make you the dinner.. my heart is in pain seeing you unable to make a simple sanwdich!

[though i'd be in the same situation if i had to cook something korean ㅋㅋ]

and again.. your obsession with spicy things.. =_=

i’d never be able to eat what you make.. =_=

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ok i didn’t resist i watched a part of 3hree voices DVDs x°DD

but it’s just SO hilarious!

it was about december [or later? or before? don’t remember well] that i was talking with one of my friend about “how JaeJoong on the snow would be” and we imagined him unable to snowboard and fall down.. well.. x°DDDD

Jae, u’r always the best U_u

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are they selling this album in italy?

if so, i’m going to buy it

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missing u so badly T______T

my cream cheese cake~~~<3

i wanna get to know u too T____T

the timing of yunho’s “doyou koto?” was just hilarious XD

ok now i stop or i start to watch all their videos once again =_=


i have to resist to any 3hree voices video until i get my own copy… i have to resist..

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2 years has passed since my last time of night-blog-posts~

it’s not like i don0t like the night, just.. if i go to sleep later i’ll wake up later, and i don’t like the feeling of wasting a day in that way.. silly but yeah..

i usually write the most interesting things at this time.. but now my mind is blank x°D

i’m listening to GOONG OST after.. i think 1 year?

well, i want to watch it again now T___T i LOVE OSTs, but the bad thing is that they make me feel nostalgic.. it happened with It Started With A Kiss yesterday.. now Goong.. If i listen to IRIS OST, i’ll think about this winter when i snowboarded for the first time in my life.. i can’t forget those beautiful moments.. and damn… i wanted to buy it, but on YesAsia it is SOLD OUT –.-

now i’m waiting for Athena’s one, let’s see if i’ll like it xD

i really admire people who compose OSTs.. without it, the drama or film wouldn’t be so interesting..! knowing what kind of sound and melody a scene need.. they’re really good..!

i still have to understand what i want to do in my life, that’s why maybe i envy and admire any kind of job and people who can do it..

it is almost August, on September i’ll start school once again.. for the last time.. in a year i’ll be preparing to enter the university’s world.. the problem is.. which university.. what do i want to do?

i haven’t the slightest idea.. i like so many things.. i think the only thing i want for sure is leaving this country and move in S. Korea though.. i was told it’s really hard to live abroad..

i know life won’t be like in dramas, but hard.. i’ve never lived and independent life, so i don’t know what working to survive means.

i’d just like to understand what i want from my life, but my dad told me that even at his age, he’s still unclear about that thing…

i envy people with a dream and a goal..

if i think that when i was 12 years old i was so sure about what i would have done after graduating.. now i’m not sure about anything.. =_=

martedì 27 luglio 2010

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yesterday i finally pre ordered it.. yesterday they announced that on 8. Sept they will release A MINI ALBUM and the THANKSGIVING CONCERT LIVE DVD


WHERE DO I FIND ~€76.06????????????????? that with paypal it will become something like 80€ –.-

i still have to find a way to buy the COMPLETE set limited box =_= damn.. stupid money..

i mean.. why do they have to release so many things now.. and.. with such a price.. i don’t work you know?? damn damn damn..


today as always my mom told me to do some house works and i had to weed the vegetable plot and i hate it.. i REALLY hate it.. like i hate to remove the grass from the kitchen, from all the furniture.. i just hate it.. but she always requests me to do it!!!

i spent 2 hours under the sun doing it and what she tells me after it?

“you could do the same in the flowerbeds”



then i was accused of not being able to work properly if “i am tired after just 2 hours” .. if i hate this thing, how can i tell you “YES PLEASE!! GIVE ME SOME MORE TO DOOOO!”


i’m really pissed off also because she told me i didn’t look for a job.. well, all the CVs i sent were an illusion right? <.<

it is already august.. who’s looking for a 18yo girl without any experience in any sector? WHO?

she doesn’t understand it because she thinks that the situation is the same as the one she lived in when se was my age..

yes, of course =_=

stupid day..

lunedì 26 luglio 2010

thank you post

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well, first.. reading what i wrote, i made many mistakes =_= i’m sorry but i’m really tired.. i’ll correct them ASAP!

then.. i wanted to thank you for commenting and reading my account!

i didn’t know it was so important for people, so i didn’t took many pictures [because yes as i’ve already said i’m not right to become a paparazzi –.- i feel too sorry –.-].. if i knew it, i would have T___T

i’m also sorry for not knowing korean well enough to use it.. T_T

my Korean friend said she saw someone that thanked me in 김민종 gellery and 이지아 gellery. and I appreciate that~

and yeah thank you to everyone! ^^ chinese, taiwanese fans..~~! I’m happy i could share some pictures with you!


음..첫째로 제가 쓴걸 읽어보니까, 오타가 많네요 =_= 미안해요 그치만 너무 피곤해요.. 최대한빨리 고칠게요!
그리고.. 코멘트랑 내 글 읽어준거 감사하고 싶어요 !
저는 그게 사람들한테 그렇게 중요한지 몰라서 사진을 많이 안찍었어요( 왜냐면 저는 제가 말했던것처럼 파파라치가 되기 적합한 사람이 아니에요 -.- 정말 미안해요-.-)
제가 알았더라면 더 많이 찍었을꺼에요

또한 블로그 글을 한국어로 쓸수 있을만큼 잘하지 못해서 미안해요..

그리고 내 한국 친구가 김민종 갤이랑 이지아 갤에서 나한테 고맙다고 하는글을 봤다고 말해줬어요. 그분들께 감사해요



athena part 5

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finally.. last part.. omg.. it’s so sad writing it here.. LAST.. i don0t like this word T__T [except for school.. LOL i can’t wait to say: YES THIS IS MY LAST DAY AS AN HIGH SCHOOLER!!!! ok too random]

so… i had to go back to Forsenighe on Saturday, but my dad promised my brother to drive him to Mestre to take the train and to shop a bit, so i had to ride the car crying inside because i couldn’t see the explosion of the car T________________T

[first timne i go to a mall and i just buy a set of hair bands and a nail polish green SHINee xDDDD]

i had to call the municipality of Vicenza on the afternoon but i came home on the late afternoon and i didn’t have any will to do so.. furthermore i was told on Friday they would film on Monte Berico, so i thought to go there, but my friend told me she heard that they were filming on the center.

so on SUnday morning  i woke up early and took the train for Vicenza [as my dad in the end didn’t drive me there and preferred going to the sea <.< ] first thing i asked for information at the tourist agency but they didn’t know anything =_=

secondly i looked for the “amico blu” pickup but i couldn’t see it.. then i decided to go up to Monte Beric but after 20 minutes listening to the story of an old woman, i was told by the policemen that they weren’t going to film there =_=

so i take a look at the parking lot and found the information about the filming.. and.. when i got at the place written there there wasn’t anything.. =_= so i lost 4 hours waiting in the wrong places.. I’M SO DUM! i can’t stand it.. T___T

anyway, wandering on the streets, i finally saw some people of the italian staff and i went on the way they were coming from.. and YES, they were THERE filming =_=


anyway the place was:

P1030766 P1030779 P1030780 P1030782

when i arrived there, a girl of the staff recognized me and was surprised i was there xD

so she asked me how i knew those things and then i asked her from when were they there and she told me from the morning.. =_= DAMN.

and then i was informed that the schedule had been changed.. yeah.. i’m lucky as always!

anyway, i was able to spend about 5 hours with them and saw some filming.

at first i was outside, then the girl opened a door and she let me go in because it would have been a pity if the only person really interested in the drama had to stay outside.

so i got to know another girl who’s from Treviso and she told me that the actors were very nice and they chatted a lot [well, her english pronunciation was awesome!! ;__; mine was so so bad! cuz when i’m with other people i start to be agitated and it’s not a good thing –.-]

she said also that she learned to swear in korean ahah! after a bit i was let going in and i stayed with the other girl for a bit, then as we had to move because they were filming on that direction, i leaned on the wall next to the register for a long time.

차승원 was filming and during the pauses, he joked with the director [his accent is so funny when he joke xD]

the only joke i understood is when 차승원 had to walk 2 steps and then they shout “stop” and the register said “that’s enough!!” like he was saying that it was a very difficult scene xD

i really really wanted to take pictures of him, but i was too close to the register and i was scared of him.. T__T after a bit he stopped to film and came to sit next the register and started to eat some bread.. which i hope wasn’t his lunch or they really don’t enough!

at that time 이지아, 수애 and 정우성 because it was their turn to film so i moved closer to see if i could understand something.

i was near the staff and 2 girls kept staring at me chatting, i don’t know why and what they were talking about T_T

i was texting my friend, when i looked up and saw 정우성 was trying to get my attention so i waved him back and he smiled… aww soo kind! he looked at me for some second, but i didn’t know what to say or what to do, so i looked away.. aah so embarrassed!

he sat a couple of times on his chair and as my mission was having his autograph for a korean friend of mine, i wanted to go to ask him, but my fear to bother him stopped me to do so.

P1030769 P1030767 P1030768

the one all in black is 차승원 while the girl with beige trousers and the white shirt is 이지아

behind the panel there are 정우성 and 수애 filming.

at this time i was sitting next to the guy who started the music in the bar in the mountains and  when he introduced me to the italian staff he said “she knows many korean songs” “she know more korean songs than i do”

ahah! he still remembered me!! he’s soo kind! and very talkative, not like me –.- stupid shyness..


we chatted a bit keke. and it was him who told me that that night they’d take the plane to go back home.. aww T____T i felt so sad knowing it.. but also happy for them..! it has been at least a month since when they left Korea!



as i’ve told you, i felt bad taking pics of the actors, so the first was and attempt to take a picture of 이지아 from my bag.. and.. i failed =_=

the second one was a bit better xD all this just to say HER OUTFITS ARE AWESOME.

she’s beautiful T_T argh i wanted to tell her i watched “Style” but couldn’t find the courage.. T_T

after the scene of the pictures above, they moved out the palace and there was a scene where 이지아 was talking with the italian bodyguards [omg O_o now that i think about it.. when i was still in the building, i heard the korean [director? i don’t remember who] saying something about 인사하다 shaking the hands.. i think it was referring to that scene xD]while 정우성 saw a car escaping and saying “i’m sorry” to  이지아 left with the car following the other one.

i could see clearly this time that 정우성 was hobbling.. poor guy..

once again in a pause he looked at me and smiled at me <33333333333333

ok i’m becoming a bit biased but i can’t help it, he’s so kind!!

once again i wanted to ask him for the autograph for my friend, but couldn’t find the nerve.. T_T

P1030778 P1030773 P1030774 P1030775 P1030776 P1030777

stupid focus on the camera =_=

anyway, at about 6am they finished filming and when 정우성 was walking to his dress room, the italian staff told me to go and get that damn autograph, and as he knew i wanted something from him, he stopped and looked at me ahah!! so cuteeeeee

stefy:” sorry, can i ask you a favour?”

정우성:” yes of course”

stefy:” i have a friend in korea”


stefy:”who’s your big fan”


stefy”and she asked me if i coudl get your autograph..”

정우성”oh sure!”

*stefy takes out her block note and the pen*

stefy:”her name is Sunju.. it should be 선주..”

*정우성 reads what i wrote*

정우성:”yes it is right”

then he tales my block note and after he finds a blank page he start writing.

*정우성 pointing at sunju’s name in korean*

정우성:”this is korean”

stefy:”i know”

정우성:”you know?”

stefy:”yes i can read korean”

정우성:”oh really?”

stefy:” yes i’m studying it”

정우성:”oh i see”

*ends the autograph*

stefy:”thank you so much!!”

정우성 smiled.

i think he was hoping for something in korean, but i’m too shy to use it.. –.- i’m sure i suck, so..

then he started chatting with the girl of the staff who was with me and i got to know he hurt himself while going out a window and something went bad when he jumped so he hurt his leg.. poor him T_T

then the italian guys of the italian staff came to me to ask where they could watch IRIS [T__T i wanted to speak to 정우성 though.. T_____T] so i gave them some addresses and when i looked back he was walking to his dressing room *sighs*

in front of me there was 이지아 with the italian staff taking pictures so i took one too xD

P1030781 P1030783

at this time they started packing everything.. SIGH.. i started to feel bad, and i wanted to cry as i didn’t want them to leave..

at that time 정우성 came to me and took my hands:

정우성:”i’m *fkfjgkedsjeskr*”

yeah i was thinking he was saying me his name.. I AM STUPID OK, I AM STUPID so i answered with mine =_= in truth he was saying the next location =_=

정우성:” it was a pleasure to meet you”


정우성:” stay well and hope the best for you!”

stefy:” thank you! i hope the same for you! and hope your leg will heal soon!”

정우성:”thank you!”

stefy:”bye” [BYE…. BYE CAN’T U SEE MY HEART IS CRYING? i wanted to hug him and ask to not leave sigh sigh sigh sigh]

then he went in the auto and waved to me once again.. and once again.. and once again xDD

i wanted to cry at that point because i thought he was going back to the hotel T_T

but after a bit that i was talking to the man-of-the-music wishing him a safe trip back home, i decided to have a crushed ice drink so i passed by the usual bridge where i met them the first time AND DAMN THEY WERE THERE!!! so i stayed with the italian staff who continued to ask me why i liked korean things and so on lol they don’t understand how much i envied them for working with them T_____T

then at 8pm i had to say goodbye to everyone.. i passed the bridge once looked for 정우성 eyes but he was focusing on acting.. i said goodbye to the italian girl on the other side of the bridge then run back, hoping to get 정우성’s eyes, but nothing.. he just saw me and i couldn’t say goodbye and thank you to him..

i had to run to the train station to not miss my train [ Freccia Bianca’s tickets are so expensive!!] and when i boarded it.. well.. i really wanted to cry.. though i was VERY VERY VERY thankful for the chance i had, i couldn’t help but want to stay with them forever.. T___T

P1030787 P1030785

i really hope one day i’ll be able to meet them once again.. T_____T i’ll miss all of youu T___T

and yes.. 정우성 now you have another fan.. i love your kindness.. you’re too kind omg T___T you could be my dad but whatever T__T i really like youuu!!

thank you thank you thank you!

and thank you to the crew too, who stood me, and gave me an Athena TSHIRT for being a faithful fan <33 thank you




end of this chapter of my life…

i’m very tired to be honest, but very happy and sad xD

athena part 4.2

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  P1030756 P1030757 P1030758


이지아 had to film alone and i snatched a pic of her while no one was seeing me xD

after this, a bazooka shot was filmed and the smoke was incredible! i didn’t see the scene as i was here, but it must have been amazing! xD

well, when they shot, i got a bit of wood in my eye, and it wasn’t very good.. one girl of the staff had the same problem.. while after the bazooka shot we heard people screaming:

물, 물!!!!!!!!!

P1030765 P1030760 P1030761  P1030763 P1030764


as it started to rain heavily, we had to stay under some roofing with the staff, but after a bit my friend asked me to go on patrol to see if someone was doing something, and after a whole patrol, i saw the actors being driven in the cars and the staff wherever they could stay to shelter.

so i went back to my friend and we decided to go to the bar, where we met some korean staff. one of these was one of the people taking care of the camera arm, and he started playing some songs on his I Phone, and when i heard the beginning of NU ABO of f(x) i was excited but he switched song and i heard the beginning of “Push” of Sistar,so i started to sing it along but he switched it again and i was the only one singing.

at that time i saw all the staff staring at me, and i started laughing feeling weird x°DDD

after finishing my ACE juice, we went out and saw that they were filming here:



though it was under it XD whatever.

what made all of us italian laughing was 김민종’s part screaming: “HEY NONNA!” [hey granny!] it was just SO funny! i have the file audio x°D

after this i started chatting with some operators of the place, and got the photo with 김민종 for my friend as it was her last day there and wanted to have a memory of him.

i don’t have it i’m sorry xD i’ll see if i can have it ^^

after filming this scene, they ended everything.

i couldn’t see much as they were behind a house so i went to the gunfight location but i had to stay behind a garage to not be filmed.

when we were finally able to go to the crew side, i got a call from my mom, and while i was talking to her, 김민종 and 정우성 cars passed in front of us and they waved to us!!

then 정우성 said “bye bye!” and something else but i couldn’t hear T_____T my mom was talking to me –.- damn..

i think he asked us if we were to go there the next day.. dunno..

anyway, we said goodbye to the staff on the bus and went back home.

it was the best day! because there were so many action scenes!! and i also got to talk to 정우성 so.. ahah i’m very happy <33

oh.. forgot to say.. the staff gave me some bullets after the scenes xDDD


venerdì 23 luglio 2010

athena part 4

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lol, honestly i could have taken a lot of pictures on Sunday too, but i was in the middle of the staff and i was the only one there, so it was a bit weird for me ^^”””


the day before i prepared my box lunch, [i know it’s not interesting, but when it was time to eat it, it became a disaster as the oil came out the box –.- damn..] and at 6am i woke up to have a quick shower and then leave for Treviso where my friend was waiting with his friend.

we left at about 8.15 am and we got at the location at about 10am because my friend was very in a state and we had to stop in Longarone for a pause xDDD

it was so funny because she wanted to go to the location but on the other hand she didn’t want to be recognized by the staff x°D

anyway, we did the same road we did on Wednesday and when we arrived up there were new signs for the places where to film.

we went ahead and we found the location of a gunfight.

P1030690 P1030674 P1030675 P1030676 P1030677 P1030678 P1030679 P1030680 P1030681 P1030682 P1030683 P1030684 P1030685 P1030686 P1030687 P1030688 P1030689

at this point almost the whole staff recognized us x°D

the official photographer asked us surprised how we were there and we said that our friend was having an house here so we came up [lie LOL]

so she told us that here they were just having a gunfight and if we wanted to see the actors we had to go to the next road.

so after a while [during which an old man of the village started to talk with me about his life.. =_= i mean, it happened also yesterday (Sunday) and on the , have i the face of someone you want to confide in? =_=], we decided [i decided xD] to go up because i was sure that it was near the church where they were staying [while my friend said it was at the bar.. once again, stefy won xD].


map with all the locations

we saw some people in it, but we decided to go on and found just the map near the gunfight location.


these were the suits the wore!


and these were the mannequins X°DD when i saw them the first time i screamed because i thought they were real persons x°DDD

after a bit, i decided that i wanted to go up once again because i was sure they were filming something there, as the photographer said it to us.

and as i thought, they were filming! and who?? 이지아 and 김민종! they did some NGs x°D

P1030692 P1030693 P1030694 P1030695 P1030696 

we sat here and looked till they finished and moved to have lunch.

and guess who passed in that moment??

정우성!!!! i mean, it was the second time i had met him, but the first time was the first day for me, and my friends already knew him! but this time! OMG! he waved to me and my friends!

ahah and he also did a little jump of surprise [it was free will of course xD]

정우성: “hi! here too? do you live here?”

stefy:”no no, our friend has got an house here, so..”

정우성:” oh i see.. see you then!”

**note: i’m not sure of the dialogue, as i don’t remember it.. damn me.. i should have written them down >_<**

and he went somewhere always smiling.

so we went eating too, and after it we went back to the same spot, but on the other side of the church and we discovered they were filming something with probably 김민종 but we couldn’t see clearly.

well, as we were sitting..정우성 came to us!! i mean, not us, HE CAME!!!!

정우성:” hi! so, are you from Vicenza?”

stefy:”no no we are from Treviso”



stefy:”yeah it is near venice.”

정우성:”ooh.. ooh..! and did you have lunch?”

stefy:” yes we had!" did you?”

정우성:” yes i did..”

*staring without knowing what to say*

정우성:”well, see you!”

stefy:”ok! bye!”

ok, maybe there were some more lines, but i really don’t remember clearly T__T just the fact that he spoke to us.. omg.. he’s just SO kind! really really really really really really kind!!

at that moment we decided to go back to the gunfight location and they started to shoot XD it was a pain for my ears lol. some grey clouds started to arrive, and the owner of the bar said it was going to rain on the afternoon, but they continued filming without worrying xD

 P1030705 P1030706 P1030707 P1030708 P1030709 P1030710 P1030711

after a while i decided i wanted to go up to see the situation as 정우성 was going to film. and as i thought, he was filming x°D

well, but this is EPIC: the register with the fan of BI RAIN x°DDDDDDDDD i wished i could take a better pic but nope.. he was always holding it in the other side =_=i


when they were filming on the other side of the street, i was right behind the cameras, and when 정우성 shoot 2 killers, i took fright xD i wanted to take some pictures, but again, i was alone in the middle of the staff and didn’t want to seem a paparazzi >_<

after a while, 정우성 sat down [you can see his legs behind the director on the right of the pic ^^] and my friend said me to go to him to have my picture with him

but i heard that he hurt his leg the day before, and i didn’t want to bother him [once again.. i’m ALWAYS worried to trouble others.. i could have chatted with him more if just i wasn’t like this.. T___T stupid me]

after a bit, everyone got up to move to the next location and my friend told me to go to 정우성 before they would start to film again.

i looked at him, he looked at me friendly, i looked at my friend, i looked at him, i looked at my friend, and then finally i found the courage to ask him and he was so happy!

he hugged me from behind, but his assistant arrived to order his hair. at this point i burst into laughter and he did too X°D

well, i had my picture ^^



i thanked him and we went back to the gunfight location, where you could see clearly the weather was worsening.

P1030724 P1030716

lol she was a girl of the staff who was trapped by the leash of that dog xDD P1030717 P1030718 P1030719

here you can see 차승원.. i don’t have a picture with him because i was in awe of him lol dunno why xDDD he was very funny ahah! P1030720 P1030721 P1030722 P1030723

having some problems XDDD


this was the LITTLE amount of pizza they ate x°DDDDD

while we were wandering around the church watching some animals, my friend called me and when i turned, 정우성 was there smiling at us!

정우성:”ciao! come state?” [hi! how are you?]

i was so surprised, that i started laughing as an idiot =______=

then we moved to the next location, where i found 이지아 and 김민종 who was previously sent to the hotel as they thought is was going to rain XD

anyway, they were filming a scene were 김민종’s gun didn’t work and when he was trying to unblock it, a shot broke.

well, i didn’t know the first time, so i screamed AHAHAH poor them x°D i hope they didn’t hear it X°D

P1030736 P1030737 P1030738 P1030739 P1030740 P1030741 P1030742 P1030743 P1030744 P1030745 P1030746 P1030747 P1030748 P1030749 P1030750 P1030751 P1030752 P1030753 P1030754 P1030755

this is my favourite picture X°D he also was surprised of the shot hahaha!!



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