lunedì 30 agosto 2010

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poste italiane, vi prego di consegnarmi al piu presto cio che è mio. GRAZIE.

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nutella won me TT____TT

i had to stay away from chocolate/ice creams/ sweets for just 1 week, and.. i failed TT_____TT


today i went to the driving school.. gosh.. going to have my exam in.. 2 days!! TT___TT

i’m wondering HOW i will pass… TT____TT i need to pass.. I NEED TO PASSSSSS T__T

in addition, tomorrow i’m having a discussion with 2 of my supposed friends.. what a cool prospective –.-



할 수있어



today i;ve also watched sunkyang-whatever scandal, and.. depressing.. i couldn’t understand a word T.T

[ok maybe some words yes.. but most of the chats are unknown to me till someone will sub it]

domenica 29 agosto 2010

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after 2 days at my friend’s place xD

had so much fun and bought a dress too **

but all the images and stuff we did will be written / uploaded on theirs post xD

i just could see some news about a-nation and OMG JJ AND JS WILL SING IN THE eunkyangkyang scandal drama of yoochun! *___*

when they announced DBSK would sing in it, i was hoping for a joining of YH and CM.. but i know it wasn’t possible… TT____TT

i’m continuing to hope.. TT____TT


x2_2830adf-1 1

looking at their face..

junsu.. poker face

jj.. same face.. trying to look cool? bbah.. always showing off his muscles XD u can relax sometimes eh! xD

yoochun.. omg he’s soooooo chunniee…<33 can’t wait 4 tomorrow’s airing of his drama *_____________________________________________*

[though i know it will take a day before i can watch it subbed xD]

sabato 28 agosto 2010

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yesterday i jumped to rope about 300 times, for breakfast had a glass of milk and 3 biscuits, for lunch salmon with salad and some bread, in the afternoon some chocolate pudding, and for dinner shirmps with salad and some bread..

omg.. it’s not that much.. i usually eat much more.. but why i continue to feel guilty? çOç


today i’m going to my friend’s place and cook tteopokki with tomato and mozzarella, and curry japanese style.. i’m wondering HOW we will eat them.. with this weather –.-

oh and yesterday i made mochi with nutella!

disaster.. –.- trying to manipulate the dough.. was impossible.. –.- i had to eat 3 of them because they broke T__T

this is the horrible aspect of them

P1030896 P1030897

next time i’ll make them their aspect will be a little better since when i was making the last ones, i understood how –.-

mercoledì 25 agosto 2010

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-7 @ driving licence theoretical

-9 @ Venice

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i’m just too sad such person had to leave this world )=

though honestly.. [i know BIG lack çOç] i didn’t know about him before today [ok.. i’ve already said it.. i have an even BIGGER problem with korean artists’ names.. i can’t remember them at all damn.. TT____TT so yeah, i read about his death when it happened].. he has/had such a sweet voice.. TT____TT

i’m so sad whenever i hear of the suicide of someone of the entertainment world, and he’s not an exception..  =( just sad to have discovered him just today..

martedì 24 agosto 2010

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I’ve FINALLY found the course i want to attend at the University T____T

i can’t believe it.. now the only problem is to choose between 2 different course, but always at Ca’ Foscari, in Venice [yes i know i wanted to go far away, to live on my own, to not live in Venice, as i hate Venice].. now i’ll have a year to think about it deeply xD

but yeah, i’m feeling relived now.. it has been so hard this summer.. really really.. maybe something good will happen on September too?? :DD

well… now that i think about it.. i neither have the problem of needing a certain score at the final exam in high school to enter this course.. LOL

that’s sooo good!!

i’ll try my best anyway U_U


i’m so happy.. finally something good!!!!!

and 2morrow my friend’s going to buy the tickets for the film.. CAN’T WAIT <3 <3 <3 <3


1 (14) 

c5bc5c972412fd0fd0135e4311484930- b79703293f4e65bee7cd407b

2 stages, 2 country, 1TVXQ <3 <3 <3


sabato 21 agosto 2010

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waiting for the 3HREE VOICES box, i went down hearing the postman, and when i saw the yellow i thought it was the card telling me there was a package for me at the post.. but it was the package of Sungha’s album –.-

ok i’m not disappointed because i bought it [and it has been so fast to be delivered ò.ò i ordered it last week!], but… çOç i need PASTA OST before the beginning of school!! absolutelyyyy

i hope poste italiane didn’t stop my packages AGAIN =_=


 102105 102123


sorry the presence of my body behind it, but i used the webcam =_=

venerdì 20 agosto 2010

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i’ve bought them!!!!!!!!

i’m crying thinking to all the money i’m spending for them… TT_____________TT

why am i so weak??





mine mine mine mine mine <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333

if my parents find out all the money i’m giving them, i’m dead x°D

especially now that i’m in need of a new pc –.-

sabato 14 agosto 2010

14th of august

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  194417 194434 194450 194507  194536

it should be hot, right?

venerdì 13 agosto 2010

making of ATHENA

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ok stop x°DDDD but really x°DD it feels SO STRANGE X°DDD

i missed many exciting parts though T_____T i wanted to be able to live close to the locations argh

whatever.. ahah but i’ve seen almost all the scenes shown here filmed in the mountains!!! :D [i didn’t notice the camera! O___o where was it??]

i recognized the staff too!!

omg omg omg omg


BTW… did woo sung hurt himself while jumping from the bridge? i’m not sure of his explanation, that’s why i don’t know..

giovedì 12 agosto 2010

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i’ve just bought Sungha’s album! i wanted to buy it, but i was unsure [well.. i’m still unsure about my  purchase..]..

now that i’ve done it, i’ve no money..

will i be able to buy the THANKSGIVING concert and the 3HREE VOICES mini album?

i hope my dad will give me the money T_________T

OMG I NEED TO BUY TRACE BUNDY’S ALBUM TOO!!!!! *_____________________*


i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job i need a job

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Jonghyun: If not, then let me ask you in another way; Minho's closest member in TVXQ Choikang Changmin said "Our explosive charismatic Minho ah~ your hyung can't sleep right now, so can you sing a song for me?"
Onew: Wait, this is Changmin senior...
Jonghyun: Sorry, Changmin teacher said it. What song would Minho sing for Changmin?
Key: It must be hard
Minho: Honestly, Changmin has been pretty depressed lately...
Jonghyun: Just what did Minho sing to Changmin?
Minho: Changmin-hyung has a song he really likes, but doesn't listen to it often because it's his cellphone ringtone... I'm the one who listens to it more so I sang it to him
Jonghyun: What song is it?
Minho: It's called "Confession of a passionate man". 'It's not like that, my heart isn't like that, for you, only left with a prepared confession, if it isn't just my love for you, compared to this, I have more romantically sweet words in store...'
Jonghyun: That was well sang. We'll clap 3 times, but 'tallest Chang-god'
Everyone: HAHAHA
Jonghyun: So this was for 'tallest Changmin senior'?
Minho: Yes
Jonghyun: 'It's not like that, my heart isn't like that...'
Minho: No, this is just the song I wanted to sing
Onew: The people who are listening to this radio show right now may misunderstand their relationship. Some people took Minho's back for a girl's, so photos of him and Changmin sitting together were mistook as Changmin's rumored girlfriend. How did you feel when you first heard of this?
Minho: Very imposing, that was my first rumor ever
Jonghyun: Your first rumor was with TVXQ's tallest Changmin, and then the song you wanted to sing for him was "Confession"
Minho: At that time, I was attending TVXQ's Yunho senior's Michael Jackson Memorial Concert performance. It was really cold that day, so I started talking with Changmin about the weather and such.
Jonghyun: Do you want to send him an audio message?
Minho: Why make an audio message all of a sudden?
Onew: If we let you do it then do it! We're the DJ's
Minho: My first rumor wasn't with a girl, but rather a guy. To me, it is a huge honor. However, because of the rumor, our relationship has become more cautious and demure. I hope it won't be like this later on, because you are my most loved hyung, yet I'm still inadequate to be called your dongsaeng. I will do my best, and I wish we can continue to maintain our relationship in the future.
Audio to interview:

Source: [baidutvxq]
Translation credits:
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poor Minho x°DDDDD

i wouldn’t be so happy to have the first rumor with a girl LOL

and i hope they can hang out again T___T if ChangMin is depressed [is it now?] i wish Minho can make him feel a bit better..

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in the end i’m staying home.. i think it’s better like this, i wouldn’t resist for 10 days with my mom guiding.. they’re going to Djerba [worst memories of a holiday =/ ] and spending FAR MORE of what we would have spent in France


and what told me this afternoon my mom?

“at this time we would have landed in Paris if your attitude was a bit better this morning”


i can’t answer you badly cuz u’r in the end my mom, but.. yeah.. hope in a job, to get the money to be independent FOREVER

sad.. happy? dream

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ok i wanted to write it down the morning i had it, but as always i ended forgetting about it –.-

now i’m taking the chance and doing it, because i’ll forget it soon..

i was on a school trip with my class in an european capital [though i’m not sure about what country it was], and we were staying in an hotel on the other side of the city in respect to the school.

one of the last days i was walking with one friend of mine to the school chatting, when we saw the advertisement of the new season of Amici di Maria De Filippi [an italian show where people go to try to debut as a singer/actor/dancer/musician..] it was about the casting, so i reminded that my friend took part a couple of years ago. while thinking about it, we started to be attacked, i don’t know from where, so we ran trying to find a shelter, and luckily we saved us from the shots.

we got in the school and as we sat, i saw in front of me DBSK, all 5 of them. Junsu and Yoochun were sitting on the chairs, JaeJoong on the table, while ChangMin and YunHo were standing. they were chatting, so i started staring at them, unable to believe they were in front of me, chatting. in my class.

my friend and I were still shocked about the attack, so when she told my classmates about it, one of DBSK [i don’t remember who T___T] told us that it was a normal thing, because Maria de Filippi didn’t want people who took already part in the show to get the chance once again, so she would send hired killers to eliminate the past concurrents.

scared to death, we didn’t know what to do, except for staying the farthest possible from the headquarters.

in the mean time, JaeJoong noticed i was looking at him, so he looked at me and said “you know you’re ugly”

i was O_________________________________________O


though my self esteem is not the best in this world, i didn’t except such an exclamation from a k idol. and to add to this, Yoochun looked at my face and repeated that “yes, your ugly, did you except something from us even though you know you have that face?”

i was broken hearted and when Junsu nodded i wanted to run away but i had class..

during the break, Yoochun came near to me and faced me saying he wasn’t scare of me [why should he? çOç] and got closer and closer, till his forehead touched mine, his nose touched mine and his lips grazed mine.

inside i was [omg these are Chunnie’s lips! chunnie’s lips!] but i couldn’t understand his behaviour so i continued to look into his eyes.

after it, we started class once again and on our way back, we had to choose the right roads to not find any of the killers. in the end.. i don’t remember well, but i remember that the manager [??] told me that they acted like that because they were shy and didn’t think what they said.

it was heartbreaking anyway çOOOOç

but i’m happy cuz i dreamt JJ <33


oh and the filming of Athena is persecuting me.. i always end in the set, and i don’t get why… TT_________________TT

mercoledì 11 agosto 2010

new [old] ATHENA pics

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filming_8 filming_9on the bridge a7 a8 a9 a10outside the Olympic Theatre.. i was sitting under the tree, so i had the best view xD [though u can’t see me here, cuz i was talking with one of the security men] DSC00051 inside the Olympic Theatre.. those extras.. like the whole staff.. didn’t care about the actors çOç arghDSC00053 filming_1 filming_2 filming_3 filming_4 filming_5 filming_6 filming_7

i’m not sure about the other places, it was probably on Piazza dei Signori.. while the other Theatre was in a town near Padua

martedì 10 agosto 2010

as always

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i’m sure we WON’T leave. as always.

i’m tired of this situation.. i can’t stand it anymore

am I going to have a holiday too?

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i know, it may sound strange, but i've never visited any european city.. or better.. i've neither visited MY country -.- which sounds insane as people from all over the world are coming here..
but the problem arrived in the planning of the trip.. i mean.. i am not the problem, i've found everything, the problem is my mom, who wants to do the things as SHE wishes and without considering me.
what i say is.. i'm 18 now, u don't have to stay with me, we can go to the places we prefer, but no! i have to go to disneyland! é___é i won't do that.. never.. i hate those places, too crowded.. i want to visit Paris.. i should leave tomorrow at 8am.. but.. it's 5pm rightnow and we haven't booked ANYTHING and everyone is doing something in the house BUT staying here and seeing what i've done so far TT_____TT
i lost the will to leave...

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ok after hating the new msn live beta, now i’m trying the live writer beta, hoping it won’t be so bad..

… hoping… –.-

anyway.. today i went with my parents to the library [and some more shops] to buy some guides about Paris and Loire, so.. we’re leaving for real tomorrow *___*

i bought some things i needed:



wow this is cool! ** i’m going to keep this version of windows writer!!

it’s cool! xD

i’m regretting having bought the korean dictionary.. it’s not good at all –.- stupid me… –.-

while the book talks about the north korean situation, so i’ll enjoy it during the trip to Paris ^^

lunedì 9 agosto 2010

things that make you wonder why you started learning Japanese

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I’m watching a Japanese drama [日本人の知らない日本語 ], and i was shocked just by the first minutes, when understanding that even Japanese people don’t know Japanese.. shocked me.. TT____TT

At the first lesson.. well.. 1st.. those students.. ok are intermediate or advanced.. advanced.. yeah.. and 2nd.. i’d never thought a piece of tuna could have SO MANY way to be counted TT________TT

i hate counters TT_______TT


1 2

33 4 6 7 8  


ppari let’s ppari time~

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yeah babe!

i’m planning my trip with my parents to PARIS!!!!!!!!

let’s see if this time we will be finally able to leave for this city? it’s passed 4 years since last time they talked about it, so i hope it will be the good one!

i should live in Wednesday [YESS IN 2 DAYS!!!!] and we’re going there by car.. if we go, i’ll be SO HAPPY OMGGGG PPARI PPARI IT’S PPARI TIME X°D

it’s a pity it’s 2010 and not april 2008 T___T  whatever, i have to enjoy that city, the first european capital i’m visiting! can’t wait ^^

Again, IF i leave… =____= i have to usual feeling that i won’t leave home ahah!

let’s hope ^^

i will bring with me my pc, so i will update the blog with pics and varipus things *_____*

[i hope]

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ok i know i should have waited for the DVD to come home, but i can’t let those video in my youtube box unseen çOOç

anyway.. i’m loving them more and more x°D i mean JJ and Chunnie.. lol sorry JunSu.. x°D

domenica 8 agosto 2010

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satisfied with the outcome of the changing of the graphic in my blog~

after 11 months of the AKTF one, now it’s time for a cute one~~

not that i won’t keep the faith anymore… but i don’t need to keep it in my blog, do i?

soooo… yeah..

i also made a wallpaper after photoshop decided to shut down when i was almost finished –.-


jae power

like it?? **


oh, and i’ve added new things, such as the “contact me” and “about” pages, and the list of dramas and films i’ve watched so far.. i have to added the wihslist and “cds, dvds, books i have and i want”, but not today.. xD

i’ve spent the whole afternoon on this blog ahah.. oh btw, today i’ve discovered by chance Leehom Wang and i like his music~ [well, most of it.. xD]


Tomorrow maybe i’m going to the job agency, to see if i’m ok to work in the new supermarket they’re opening near my town.. it would be perfect if i can have a part time job T_T and then i’d like to try another opportunity.. thought it’s just for a little period.. T___T i should have applied before.. let’s see what my parents say about it~

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working on the template!

might have some problems till i’m done ^^

good sunday everyone!~

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i think this kind of face would be so cute when you wake up in the morning and look at your husband face x°DDDDDDDD



though i’m not really a changmin looks’ fan, i like him in this pic ahah so cuteee!!!


oh btw.. yesterday i made a new JJ wall *______* go check it on my deviantart profilee *botton on the left of the blog*




using it rightnow in twitter, youtube and on my desktop <33

ohh JJ.. i wish i could buy heaven’s postman dvd but.. =_= too expensive.. i have to find the money to buy the THANKSGIVING and the mini album.. too hard.. really.. now i understand why people have an had life when they work and study at the same time –.-

venerdì 6 agosto 2010

athena official pictures

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not sure about the location 04_78009

ice cream shop in vicenza i also went to!!! *excited* *lol*


not sure if it was in Padua or in Vicenza, the last day..

 04_78013 201008031618201001_1

woah she’s beautiful!


omgggg x°DDD that outfit.. i’ll never forget it i guess x°DDD

yes, it was Marostica x°DDDDD ladies clapping an invisible chess game x°D


cool auto.. the problem is that they gave it a different numberplate in the front and in the back x°D


201008050824021001_1 201008050828481001_1

usual bridge where they filmed in Vicenza 201008050831591001_1


OMGG!! THAT’S THE MAN READING THE NEWSPAPER AT THE BAR!!! so.. he’s with her or against her…? omg @___@ confusing


ohohohohoh i think the episode located in Italy will be SO FUNNY for me x°DDDDDDD




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