mercoledì 29 settembre 2010

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if i have to be honest, i spent those months a bit in an apathetic way, thinking that yes i could have survived without DBSK..

but the thanksgiving inflamed me once again, with their passion for singing, and the red ocean of big easts and cassipeas.. I think they’re one of the best thing i’ve discovered in my life, and yes.. i can’t live without them anymore xD

i’m wishing for an always better future for them, hoping everything will go to his place once again.. it’s not too much, is it?

i’m thankful to 2010.. in the end, SO MANY good things happened to me.. i was blinded by a couple of sad things, but know i understand that 2010 has been an important year to me.. and it still has to finish!!

I’m so happy for JYJ new album, i really hope the best for it! though in one hand i want them to be recognized worldwide, and in the other one i want them to stay famous yes, but not that much, at least not in the occidental world.. it kind of scare me? i’m scared that they won’t be just “mine”.. silly thought x°DD

but man how much they have grown in this year.. <33333333 i’m back to JJ passion [and chunnie’s too EHEHEM].. whatever if i continue spending my money in this way x°DD i can’t help it x°D

if i’m not passionate, i’m not called with my name x°DDDDD


oh btw,.. today i TRIED to go back to school, but started to feel unwell just right after stepping out the train.. –.- hope tomorrow it won’t happen again..

and yes, argued with a stupid brother.. i really hope to live my life without him asap.. not kidding this time.. in the end my parents love me, he cares just about himself..

20100929_jyj_1 20100928_jyj-600x528



martedì 28 settembre 2010

a bit of me, a bit of them

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ok while i’m waiting the nail polish to fix..

I’m back to lifeeee!! almost lol

BUT! there was a reason why today i had to stay home *dies*

the postman brought me….*drums*

THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME and THE…JYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok i’m just too happy x°DDDDD

because yes, they cost a lot, but hey! *___* there are SO MANY off shot things!!

i wish they would do the same with THSK’s releases..  TT

well anyway..

  Photo0560 Photo0561 Photo0562 Photo0563

the package is really cool! though.. my version doesn’t close well =_=

whatever.. i really LOVED ALL the songs, and… i miss them so much.. but at the same time, i forgot about the sad things, as they kept smiling till the very end =) [when Junsu first during W, then JJ leaving the Dome started to cry x°DD poor things xD]

Shelter live is.. breathtaking.. but really.. loved all the songs *____* and JJ’s voice power.. omg.. *goose bumps*

the off shot movie and the making were cool too! i was able to understand more how much they need to work for a concert.. added to the off shot of the album.. really… i didn’t know it was so tough on them >___<

Samusan!! i missed him too x°DDDD TT___TT

omg TT___TT why all of this had to happen TT___TT



-.- Junsu, nothing against you, but really.. i’d have preferred JJ or Chunnie.. really sorry to you.. XD

what else.. oh yeah.. i feel better now.. just a bit of cold, but that’s all!^^

tomorrow i’m going back to school … *argh*

i have to make a report about a work of Cicero.. and.. i don’t know what to write TT____TT and.. still have to read “la coscienza di zeno” and “il fu mattia pascal” ARGH.. i’ll have a test on Thursday.. i don’t know how i’ll survive to this.. luckily i’ll have a driving lesson of 2 hours but on Thursday afternoon >___<

domenica 26 settembre 2010

how to start the school year in a wonderful day part 2

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oh yess!! o caught a cold.. righnow my temperature is around 38,2°C but since it’s rising of 0,3° every hour, i don’t know how it will end tonight xDDDD


anyway.., this video is just so beautiful TT

JJ is just too handsome TT

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i’m sick TT____TT and have to read to boring books, clean my room, and do my homework.. TT___TT

why can’t i sleep a bit more when it’s Sunday why?? stupid me TT____TT

I’ll have to suffer another whole week waiting for Sunday to come –.-

oh but.. next week i’m going to Rovereto *__________*

sabato 25 settembre 2010

off the old block!

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SunJu has bought the ticket!!! *_____*

which means she will REALLY come here now *_____* she’s going to arrive at Venice Airport on the 26th December and i’ll pick her up as she’ll arrive late!

i really can’t wait! now i have to book the flight from Rome to Milan and the train tickets.. and of course a place to stay in Milan and Rome xDD

can’t wait 4 Christmas holidays!! *___*  and then of course Easter too! when i’ll finally visit Paris too!!

thinking about it.. since when i’ve turned 18, many things happened.. the worst ones, but also the best ones!! it seems a positive way is in front of me =) hope it will last x°D


i don’t wanna talk about what i’m going to write here anymore, so.. this will be my last post, and hopefully my last time i’ll have to get angry over such a person.

i suffered so much in April because of a stupid person who got angry with me because “i didn’t pick her up that morning, while i did with the other 2 friends of mine”, and because of this, this person started to change the world around me, because i started to make excuses so what?? are you trying to say that my dad is a taxi driver who wants to take everyone to school? oh yes of course :D let’s count the times u came to pick ME up to go to school :D

stupid thing. <.<

and because of this WHAT? let’s stop our friendship, let’s cancel me from facebook, let’s take another train. WAIT. friendship.. did i really call it like that?

how silly of me. REALLY SILLY. Because yes.. I had to ask forgiveness to HER. oh yes OF COURSE because my dad was already angry and i of course should have picked her up, even if she’s not living in my town! bitch. BITCH.

what did that bitch do this summer? told to MY FRIEND that i was bad mouthing about her. SAY WHAT? and yes, of course, she believed the bitch! and of course, who felt bad? I FELT bad. LIKE ALWAYS. like in April, when i told her “hey you, stop asking me to be sorry, because i didn’t do anything to be sorry for, and yes, i’m sick tired of your fake tears”.

WHY? because one i told her [around… mmm.. FEBRUARY? MARCH?] that yes, Lara, my other friend had changed after going to high school, after meeting her boyfriend, after making friend with the girl i approached FIRST when i entered the high school.. and she wasn’t adoring me like she used to affirm.

but IN JULY, NO WAIT MAYBE IT WAS AUGUST [MARCH TO AUGUST] she told her this while talking about something else.. BITCH. oh i’m SO liking this world for you :D be sure that if i ever meet u once again, I’ll scream it ;D

And after another month, what’s she doing? doing the “Poor girl victim of the whole world that is against her” DD:

my other friend invited her to her bday and her answer was :”if u’r inviting me just because u have to, i’m not coming”

well.. STAY AT HOME, IT’S GOING TO BE BETTER. <--- this was the best sentence ever she could use to answer her.

and guess WHAT? she started to talk about me!! she tried to destroy me in front of her!! thank god my friend owns a brain, and as she’s sick tired of her too, she defended me and THANK YOU MARTA, I LOVE YOU!

because the things she said.. gosh.. finally someone was able to tell her what i was thinking too..

i really hope Lara will understand what kind of person she is, or, be sure, i won’t have any contact with her either.. i’m sick tired of those kind of people.. u can see who are ur TRUE friends..

honestly speaking, i’ve always considered Lara more than Marta, but after this thing.. after ALL they made me suffer [because i felt so bad the night she wrote me what the bitch told her, i cried for 4 hours, i wasn’t able to go to bed.. and what did she do? she showed what i wrote her to the BITCH.. and she used my words against me.. FUCK YOU. i’m not alone. i have many friends who care about me. i don’t need people like you who get pleasure from the suffering of others. STUPID BITH, FUCK YOU AND YES, I HOPE U’LL SEE THIS POST ONE DAY BUT OPS! U DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE A PC. IGNORANT STUPID BITCH.

i’ve used a whole post just for you, aren’t you happy? :D get lost.

And she what? in the end i’m not the looser, YOU are the looser.

because i passed every year, i’m not still in the 3rd year in high school, i’m going to graduate this year, and live my life. i hope you’ll suffer for what u are.. and i’m sorry for the guy staying with you.. i’m sorry for all the people u deceived.. i’m sorry to have spent so much money and time for a BITCH like you.


Non ti permetterò di rovinarmi una vita che è diventata fantastica

nel periodo in cui non c’eri te a fare la lagna e a romepre il cazzo.


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TT_____TT i’m missing this summer so badly T___T

i could recognize most of the staff and of course min jong, lee ji ah, soo ae, woo sung.. TT________________________________TT

missing them all TT______________________________________________________TT


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i want to hold JJ’s hand too T_T

but they’re so cute together <3

venerdì 24 settembre 2010

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i’ve already suffered for a whole week TT i’ll have to keep suffering till the end *sighs*

what i hope now, is that ratings will raise.. i don’t want it to be any shorter! it’s already soo fast compared to the taiwanese version! çOç

a WHOLE week.. damn.. TT

second.. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE DIRECT IN DRAMAS AND TALK??? it’s not that difficult! no! let’s go on with misunderstandings!! –.-“ gosh really.. i was so happy with the beginning of the 14th episode of My girlfriend is a Gumiho, and now what? –.- damn.. and it’s about to finish çOç so fast çOç


third.. i’ve found my vocation x°DDDDD *kidding* it’s just that now i have something to do in class x°DDD

as i’ve said in earlier posts, our class ahs got a smart board, so now that the software is installed, we’re pushing every prof to use it as it’s really useful!

and i swear, their reaction when i show them the applications, is priceless x°DDD so yeah, i’ve become the engineer of the smart board x°D


finally: from 4th to 6th October i’ll be in Rovereto with my class! *____*

first trip yay! we we’ll visit the trenches of the WWI, a museum ( Mart ) and the house of Depero..

i had to leave home now to go look for a job but.. IT’S RAINING X°DDDD

*lame excuse –.-*

i SWEAR i’ll shake it up U____U on Monday, i’ll shake it up U_U

giovedì 23 settembre 2010

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do you remember those days?

it was the fated moment we met~

who would have thought 2 whole years would have passed since that day?

since that day we’ve discovered passions we had in common.

since that day we’ve dreamed together of a possible future with impossible partners.

since that day we’ve looked forward to meeting each other when our money would let us.

since that day, i’ve obtained a friend who could understand me a bit more than others.

this is way today is a precious gift to me, because it’s the day in which you were born~

i won’t be able to sing you happy birthday live, i won’t be able to take a picture of you as a 17th years old girl, i won’t be able to see you blowing the candles on your cake, but be sure my heart will be near you the whole day, the whole year~

take it easy.. the 17th year of your life will surely bring you some happiness, so don’t look for it, it will reach you when you're not aware of it~

And YES, i don’t get how to set the time of the posting, so.. i’ll change the date when i’ll understand HOW xD

anyway.. hope u’ll spend a peaceful day, without that damn fever.. >< please rest.. it’s important at our age to take care of our health..


동생, 사랑해~

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ok i’m not dead.. i wanted to make a post here, but it seems that everytime i log in msn or skype, the world wants to talk with me –.-

i can’t do my homework, i can’t' write a post here.. ARGH..

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finally a PV to be posted here <333333

lunedì 20 settembre 2010

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I can’t stand you anymore ^^


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does this mean there will be an IRIS love scene?? *_____________________*

can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!

[how many days till December?? çOç]

domenica 19 settembre 2010


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should have spent it studying.. and i still have to do anything.., –.- damned me.. –.-

i woke up at 7 to start doing  my German homework, but as I couldn’t understand most of what it was written about Kafka, i gave up and decided to play Audiosurf.. and i continued till 12 =S

then i had lunch, whatched the 25th episode of King of Baking, and my friend arrived at my place because she wanted me to make her mochi..

on this way i spent the whole afternoon, between the kitchen and the pc where i was talking with my friend SunJu about her trip here..

this was the outcome:


and these are the mochi!


i’ve tried one and it tastes much more better than the ones i made last month! [last month.. maybe it was this month.. gosh.. i’m loosing the track of time!! çOç]

tomorrow i’m bringing them at school xD to give them to my friend ^^

now i have to wash the dishes and then finishing this Kafka thing.. –.-

honestly i don’t get what he wants to say with his stories…


I’m missing Woo Sung TT

sabato 18 settembre 2010

Venice Film Festival part 8

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now i know why he was always smiling at us in the cinema! çOOOç

oh gosh.. why is it like that with me EVERYTIME?? i can’t see anything except what’s right in front of my eyes TT

[but yes, can you forgive me just this time? i mean.. HE was in front of my eyes.. the man whose voice captured me <333 ]

gosh.. still can’t believe it.. xDDDDDDDD

some interesting things happened in these 2 days

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end of the first week of school.. i can’t believe i survived ò.ò

but first.. dreams!

2 nights ago i dreamt i went to London with one friend of mine, and after having the usual trouble i have in all my dreams, we arrived at a square where we sat in a café to drink something fresh and gosh after some minutes we saw Woo Sung in front of us busy acting for Athena!!

our reaction O____o

his reaction O___o “hiii!!!”

then he came to greet us and told us “it’s been a while! why are you here??”

“we came to have a vacation! such a coincidence!”

then we told him i don’t know what, and he answered that he read everything we wrote him, so we were kind of happy xDD

furthermore he told us to continue keeping in touch!! *___*

the only strange thing.. there were canals and gondolas in front of us.. my mind has some problem in distinguishing London and Venice i guess .. =_=

whatever.. in the morning.. waking up.. was HORRIBLE TT

then today one of my friend came to me and told me “hey! because of the pic you showed me, i dreamt of Woo Sung!”


“you and i went to venice, and we met him there!”


Today during History lesson, i said once again something clever [WHICH IS STRANGE I MEAN, FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL I KEEP GUESSING THINGS RIGHT O:O]  and my professor said

“i have to compliment you Mrs Stefania, because you said something so right!

.. well.. Mrs for now as you’re not married.. but we know you’ll marry a korean guy soon or later.. Cheong Min.. or how he’s called..”

[Cheong Min should be JaeJoong x°DD]

i burst into laugh because i was embarrassed

“yes and soon we’ll have many little korean kids.. 2m of height.. because in Korea people are short”

“prof, that’s not completely right,.. we’re not that much taller than them honsetly speaking…”

but he kept saying that talking to the class, so i showed him my diary with  my pic with Woo Sung and he said: “ooh! he’s as tall as you!”

“.. he’s TALLER than me”

“oh u’r right! he’s good looking too!”

“yes but.. he’s not JaeJoong..”

luckily he changed the topic after a bit.. gosh i was SO embarrassed! he’s still convinced i’m engaged to JaeJoong! ò.ò

oh! and during History of Art.. the professor today introduced PALLADIO.. i wanted to die.. on the book there was the Olympic Theatre AND i couldn’t help but seeing ATHENA’s staff on the staircase TT

41023_1488287201032_1049511673_31450689_8003079_n 41023_1488287161031_1049511673_31450688_7754733_n


i have to go back to reality, but HOW??? arggggh TT


i’ve decided ‘m going to Paris during the Easter holidays.. no matter what UU

I end never travelling with my parents, so from now on, i’m going to plan everthing on my own U_U

and then this summer hopefully i’ll be able to go to Nagoya/Tokyo or Seoul..? let’s see xD cuz i have to save for uni too >___<

though.. i wanted to go look for a part time job these days but my prof told us that “at the beginning of October we’ll go to Rovereto for 3 days” … –.-

i can’t tell the owners of the working place “I won’t be here the first week”

i mean.. –.-

uff.. i really need a hob to earn the money for the holidays of Christmas >___<

mercoledì 15 settembre 2010

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The first live DVD of Tohoshinki's members JUNSU/JEJUNG/YUCHUN "THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME" (rhymthzone, released on 9/8) sold a total of 119,000 copies in the first week, snatching the top spot of Oricon DVD Weekly Chart.
Their album "The…" which was released on the same day also ranks first on the Oricon Album Weekly Chart, selling 140,000 copies. The last artist who held a record of having both album and DVD ranked first on both charts was ZARD with their album "Golden Best ~15th Anniversary~" and DVD "ZARD Le Portfolio 1991-2006", which were released on 11/6/2006. The record was made 3 years and 10 months ago, with ZARD being the 6th artist to do so. For a foreign artist, this is the first time one has made such a brilliant achievement.
Moreover, they are the second foreign artist to sell more than 100,000 copies of a music DVD. The first artist to hold that record was Tohoshinki with "4th LIVE TOUR 2009~The Secret Code~FINAL in TOKYO DOME" (released on 10/12/2009) with 171,000 copies and "TOHOSHINKI VIDEO CLIP COLLECTION-THE ONE-" (released on 3/29/2010) with 109,000 copies.
-Omitted information on the album and DVD-

Source: meVIEWsa radio
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

*proud proud proud proud*

day 2

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Today i discovered that our projector is not a simple projector, BUT! there’s a smart board too!! *_______________________________*

that’s SO COOL!!!!!!

u can do everything with ur fingers X°DD [like playing cards on it or surfing in internet x°DDD]

but ur professor has forbidden us to use it without the permission of a teacher –.-


first our was with the latin professor AND OH MY GOD!!! I STILL REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!

it’s his habit to ask something to everyone the 1st day of school, and while most of my class mates didn’t have a clue about what he was asking, I WAS ABLE TO ANSWER TO ALL THE QUESTIONS!! °______________________°

shocking for me x°D

anyway.. we were given to translate a page –.- and study 2 other parts of Oratius’s … something.. –.- and “as soon as you’ll have 6 days a day, we’ll have a test” … YES –.-

then i had math… argh.. i don’t remember ANYTHING! °__° and she gave us 7 disequations for tomorrow! ò.ò

then i met the professor of Biology and she’s SO cute *___* i really like her <333

after it.. oh yes Change of the class trip xD they’re planning to go to Berlin x°D i’m wondering where i’ll go in the end x°DDDD

and finally.. terror in me: i discovered i had to read 2 books for italian and i’ve barely read the first one –.-

“we’re going to have a test on them next week”

SORRY WHAT???? TT_______TT hopefully he was joking..  as always.. TT_TT

today.. ok in half an hour i have to leave home for my driving lesson and i’ll be back at 6.30pm.. HOW am i supposed to do my math homework AND english??? [because YES, today i’ve discovered there were 6 reports to write, and read Charles Dickens pages on the book.. DAMN IT WHEN DID SHE SAY THOSE THINGS???]

i’m gong to die on the 2nd day of school çOOOOOOOOç


i also have to earn 400€ somehow, because during the Christmas holidays i got the permission to host my korean friend but i don’t have any idea on HOW to earn them..

and blah blah blah.. why can’t my parents stay quiet? –.- do not mind of my school life, OK? i HATE it

martedì 14 settembre 2010

back.. argh =_=

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today was my first day of my last year of high school..

why can’t i finish when i’m 18yo like in most of the other countries? T_T

anyway.. it’s been traumatic.. really.. the new classroom is not bad, we have the privilege to own a projector and a pc in our classroom just for us so yeah! it’s going to be useful! xD

but.. =_=;; horrible subjects T_T tomorrow i’ll have latin as 1st lesson!! T___T

i won’t come home earlier on Saturday.. hopefully we’ll finish school at 1.30pm, or i’ll come back home at 3pm –.-

furthermore, we’ve just started and everyone has already started reminding us we’re having the exams this year, we have to study, we have to write our final essay, we have to have to have to… –.-

it’s.. JUST.. the FIRST day of school! not the last!!! gosh..

well, i have to work quite hard this year xDD

especially now that i was informed by my korean friend [the one who asked me the autograph of Woo Sung] she’s coming here for the Christmas holidays, which means i won’t be able to study in those days ^^” [not that i’d have done it anyway lol]

i also have to find a part time job somewhere, as i need to earn enough money for the trains to Milan and Rome and for the staying there.. i don’t think my parents are going to pay that for me.. but i don’t know how to do it as there are some trips already decided by my professors T____T

oh! this year i should go 3 days in Rovereto, 3 days in Rome, and twice in Venice to visit the Biennale of Architecture and the Gugenheim.. and our class trip will be the visit of the European Parliament! i can’t wait!! **

and of course.. after all of this.. –.- the final exams.. –.- gosh.. i’ll be able to pass them.. i have to.. my bro did it.. i must do it U_U

domenica 12 settembre 2010

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before going to sleep, i HAVE to write this because i’m so sad/frustrated/disappointed/angry/desperate T____T

when we went at the venice film festival the 1st time, it was really our first time, so we didn’t know how it worked.. and we neither knew where we could go and where not..

we discovered we could enter the hotel the first day, but i had the courage to do it just the 3rd one..  and on the 4th i discovered the garden where i COULD go.. where everyone took interview.. where THESE pictures were taken and damn i’m so sad and angry that i didn’t know it T_T



it’s worst knowing people that are usually in the other side of the world are in the same little island as yours, and u can’t do find them.. IT’S HORRIBLE.. really T__T

i would have been happier if i didn’t know about it…

*sighs* it’s already 3am and i lost any will to sleep.. T___T

Venice Film Festival part 7

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so finally today.. rightnow it’s night so.. forgive me if i make some mistakes xD

this morning i was supposed to wake up at 6.30am to do some chores and then prepare myself to leave after picking up a package at the local post..but it ended with me running and rushing everything as i woke up at 8am and had to get prepared by 8.30 when i would left to get the package.. after going to the post, and being told i couldn’t take it, i was very pissed off and sure the day would have end in a bad way.

honestly, we were expecting so much from today,.. i mean.. NO ONE was caring about this film.. no one was caring about the cast.. why shouldn’t we be able to meet them?

i had checked the morning too and the press conference was at 13.30.. we were hoping to have our pictures together before of after it, so we would go to the film relaxed.

we arrived at about 11 at the Lido, and stayed in front of the hotel [somehow going into the hotel or around the place just in case.. but of course no one we were looking for..] till 1pm when we went to the entrance of the press conference room.. finding policemen, and photographs who were there for a spanish actor.. who was late.. at 13.30 he still had to arrive.. we lost our hope, and after wandering a bit we saw some cars driving in the entrance next the red carpet and discovered thre were 4 entrance to the casino –.- but we had no chance to know anything..

we continued to stay near the hotel, going in sometimes, just in case, but nothing.. nothing until 4pm, when Quentin Tarantino arrived with a taxi boat and my friend [who’s his big fan] got excited.. but didn’t go to him.

we then had an ice cream and when she was asking me which flavours i would prefer, she came to me excited screaming Quentin was coming that way.

i got up but couldn’t do anything as there were too many photographers –.-

i finished my ice cream at about 4.35pm, and i decided to get up I DON’T KNOW FOR WHICH REASON and went to the hotel entrance AND GOSH i saw some cars arriving AND GOSH THERE IT WAS LEE SUN GYUN IN FRONT OF ME!!!

i screamed my friend’s name and she ran to me, but when we tried to go in the bodyguard told us that “there are too many people at the moment, wait a bit till it will quiet a bit”.

“but we’re here for a korean actor, no one is caring about him..”

he didn’t listen to us and went on saying “Tarantino is not there there’s no point for you to get in”

…. =_=

i went back to the bags and took my Album of PASTA OST, and went in trough the OTHER entrance ( XP STUPID BODYGUARD I HATE U! IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU, WE WOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM!! ) and after a bit, i found him again! he was looking at the sea! and yes!! near me!!! omg i was shaking!! i’m not joking!

when we realized he was REALLY there, the group start to move but i went near him and called him twice [Lee Sun Gyun sshi.. lee sun gyun..] and he turned very surprised x°D

“can you sign this, please?”

he was very pleased ahah! i think he wasn’t expecting someone would ask him something xD

when the staff saw the PASTA OST were like “어떻게 알아?? PASTA? 어떻게 알아?” XD i wanted to answer them but.. how x°DD


so yeah, he was in front of me and signed me the album!! *____*

i tried then to ask for a photo but he told us that they were late T___T

we then entered the casino and waited in the queue to enter the cinema..

and when we did, i chose some seats near the “reserved” section AND GUESS WHAT?? HE SAT SO CLOSE TO ME!! [he was in the seats behind me, 2 places from mine!!!] and .. behind me there was the other main actor x°D but x°D i didn’t know it X°DD

when i first turned he smiled at me, and i bowed to him thinking he was part of the people who were at the hotel before [and thinking about it.. he surely was there xD] but i’d never thought he was an actor x°D Moon Sung keun, i’m truly sorry ^^”””

well.. i was so close to LEE SUN GYUN!! ONE OF MY FAVOURITE ACTORS!! lol when he sat he looked my way and i waved at him I’M CRAZY I KNOW COMPLETELY he bowed at me and i did the same xD omg i’m so crazy T__T why did my hand wave at him??

then i tried to take pictures of him but.. lol it was quite difficult as the cast was behind me, and the staff too, so they would have seen me.. after some minutes i decided i didn’t care about that and took out my camera xD

P1040186 P1040187 P1040188 P1040189 P1040190 P1040191 P1040192 P1040193 P1040194


crappy pictures –.- i was trying to avoid him seeing me taking pictures of him –.-

and lol Moon Sung Keun came close to me:

“are you a fan of Lee Sun Gyun?”


“oh! italian?”


“oooh!” and smiled again ^^ so kind!! i’m sorry i didn’t know you really >____<

anyway, the film was strange but i enjoyed it xD

especially because the actors and the staff were laughing at almost every scene x°DD and i coudln’t help but laugh along X°D

i was a bit saddened by the fact that people left while the film wasn’t still ended.. )= poor register and actors.. )=

anyway.. after the end of it, lee sun gyun rushed out so i told my friend to follow him if we wanted to take the picture, but by the time we exit the cinema, he wasn’t there anymore.. we saw the actress [who’s FAR more beautiful live!!] so we thought to follow her to find him, but when i was able he was rushing to the car..

now.. i want to say just ONE THING.. no one was really there for you.. so.. why did they have to rush.. )= it’s sad.. we have one chance in a million years to meet someone, and yet we can’t… we hoped for some time after the screening but nothing.. my friend told me to ask the staff, but i wasn’t sure about WHO spoke english or italian as my korean skills lacks everywhere.. and she got a little mad at me because i had the autograph and wasn’t trying to make anything to get his attention [which is not true.. i really wanted… but i’m too shy to go to strangers as first.. i’m able just in extreme situations.. ]

she then wanted to go to the hotel as she thought they were staying there, but as i thought they weren0t the the cars didn’t stop.. i tried to follow them and found that they had stopped some metres far from us.. but when we got there no one was out anymore.. we thought they were in a restaurant but couldn’t check whether it was true or not.. T_T

in the end all we had was my autograph in pictures.. nothing more, from 5 days spent at the festival.. *sighs*

i hoped in some more information as they were no one in our country.. [and in fact 2 girls sitting next to me during the film and near the staff/cast/guests neither knew it was a korean film –.-]

Venice Film Festival part 6

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on Friday 10 i left home at 7.45 to catch my train to go to Venice, as we hoped to meet Yamada Takayuki as we were told that he would be there that day.

when i was about to arrive, my friend told me we had the tickets for Oki’s Movie, so i thought the day was going to start in a positive way but.. i was wrong ^^””



i have to say that during the whole festival we didn’t have luck at all.. the info point wasn’t able to give us information, no one knew were Asian artists were.. i’m so disappointed.. i can’t pretend anything i know, as everyone was there for italian artists or american/european ones.. but i was a bit disappointed.. it was more impossible to know where they were than hollywood stars –.-

anyway.. we spent the whole morning in front of the Excelsior hotel as my friend had seen some of his staff going in it [the previous night they went at the festival, and saw him for some seconds before he entered a restaurant so they knew who was part of his staff] but we couldn’t meet anyone..

we decided to enter the hall then, but nothing there.. i was afraid on going any further as people sit on the sofas were looking at me.. so we spent most of the afternoon under the sun waiting for a person that wasn’t there –.-

we were asked by interviewer why we were there and who we were waiting for, as well as people passing by curious about the stars who were going to appear that day but we had no idea of it at all.

after giving some infos to some girls, we got to know an “asian guy with beard and long hair was in the garden” so we stoop up and went to look but.. it wasn’t Yamada Takyuki –.- instead there was Takashi Miike and doing interviews

P1040150 P1040151 P1040148 P1040149

we asked then to an italian guy speaking in [an awesome] japanese to his staff and discovered he had been there the whole morning and left in the morning –.-

one of my friend was there just for him.. poor her.. =(

so we just hoped for the next day.. there was going to be the press conference of Oki’s Movie and the movie too.. so we were looking forward to meeting Lee Sun Gyun!

Venice Film Festival part 5

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P1040127 Today i went to Venice once again because my friend wanted to see some Japanese actors [forgive me if i don’t know who they are but i’m REALLY ignorant T_T]


weather: it started to rain cats and dogs as soon as i woke up [7.30am] and it went on for the whole trip.

the train was supposed to leave my town’s station at 9am, but it ended with 30 min of delay –.-

i was already wet, so when we arrived in Venice, i couldn’t believe it wasn’t raining!

and when i got at the Lido, there was some sun! unbelievable.. though.. after a bit it started to rain slightly xD


well.. 2nd day spent without a real goal.. because when we got there, we discovered there wasn’t any press conference that day –.-

so we wandered a bit around, hoping to see someone [but of course who would be so stupid to walk outside when it’s raining and you have at your disposal an hotel room and a car? xD]


we went back to Venice where i [finally.. school is starting in 4 days x°DD] bought the Spanish book [Marianela – Pérez Galdòs] i had to read during holidays.. i’m hating it after reading 2 lines x°DDD [i don’t know how i will survive to 200 days of school T_T]

then we arrived at Piazzale Roma at about 2.40pm hoping to see Lee Sun Gyun arriving somewhere but… we didn’t know the time, neither where and how he could arrive, so we just gave up.. *sighs*

its the second time i’m “wasting” my money in this way.. all because we can’t get all the information –.-

Oh! today i passed in front of the Hotel where Woo Sung was staying xD it doesn’t seems a 5 stars hotel from the outside!



*feeling a stalker*

anyway.. nothing interesting today.. unluckily.. [though we saw some more korean tourists at the train station.. is someone going to see “Oki’s Movie”? i hope so! or it will be a pity ): ]

i’m really sleepy.. and thinking on Friday and Saturday i’ll have to wake up at 4am.. ARGH… TT_____________TT i’ll die TT_______________TT

tomorrow i have to be able to finish reading at least 2 books for school.. TT___TT or i won’t be able to be ready for Tuesday T__T

Tuesday.. so early.. TT____TT

Venice Film Festival part 4

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on Saturday morning my friend had an exam at school, so when i got her call at 11 am i was still sleeping and got startled a bit.

“stefy u know what? i called the film festival and they’ve said John Woo is still there!”

i was still tired from the day before and wasn’t really sure of going again to Venice to look for a person who maybe wasn’t there at all, but thinking i could loose such a chance, i persuaded my parents to drive us there, and so we arrived at the Festival once again.

furthermore as i got a package that morning too, i felt that maybe we could have luck this time too.


this is from a korean friend of mine who likes like me Stéphane Lambiel. i have to say that this DVD made me very happy, not just for the DVD in itself , but because she didn’t forget about me =)


but all we get is.. tired feet and hot weather.. T_______________T

no one knew anything, and we neither knew where he was staying, so disconsolate we went back to Venice and got off at S. Marco square in the hope to see him somewhere [wrongly]..

we ended shopping XDDDDD [well, she shopped more than me, i just got a foundation since i’ve never had one xD]

when we passed by a 4 stars hotel we would think “is he staying here?” but couldn’t get a clue of where he could be.

we also thought of asking to Asian tourists if they had seen him, but it was a stupid thought =_=.


we missed him this much..

and YES.

we still don’t get his SO famous.

so when i found TODAY where he was staying [WHY TODAY AND NOT YESTERDAY?? THEY COULD HAVE PUT THIS NEWS ON INTERNET BEFORE T________T] i was shocked by the cost of his suite [2655€ which is 4,000,000 won and 3,424 USD PER NIGHT]

he got the best treatment, in one of the best hotels The Westin Europa & Regina.. he’s really famous..!


Venice Film Festival part 2

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i couldn’t believe my ears..

there was at 1 metre away from me RAINIE YANG…

i’m still excited at the idea i’ve actually met RAINIE YANG!!!!!!!!!!!

here you are all the pictures i took x°D

P1030974 P1030975 P1030976 P1030977 P1030978 P1030979 P1030980 P1030981 P1030982

i waited for a pause and then i went to Rainie asking for a photo and she was so happy! =)) [i was FAR MORE HAPPY]

i forgot there was the zoom in, so the picture came out like this >___<

she’s so beautiful!! çOOOOOOOOOOOOOOç

the guy who took the picture thanked me for it <3 thank you to you to letting me having the picture with RAINIE YANG OMGGGGG P1030983 copia

[=_=;;;; i’m horrible.. =_=;;; really]

after taking the pic, she went inside the hotel, and i ran at the red carpet to call my friend to tell her that rainie yang was there.

when we got back she wasn’t inside the hall, but after a bit i saw her walking with the cameramen so we followed her to get a picture with my friend too P1030984 P1030985 P1030986 P1030987 P1030988 P1030989 P1030990 P1030991 they stopped at the ice cream shop to film, and when her stylist [???] saw me taking pictures asked me if i were a fan of Rainie.


woman:”oh really? thank you! and what have you seen?”

stefy:” oh, most of her dramas and films! i really love hers!”

woman:”ooh! which ones?”

at that moment my mind went blank!! i couldn’t remember ANY of her dramas!! T________________________T

so i just said that i didn’t know the chinese names [now i’m wondering if it was a mistake saying chinese instead of taiwanese..] and she was so happy!

then i asked her if my friend could take a picture with Rainie too, and she said yes!

after it they continued to film at the ice cream shop, while we went back to the red carpet. i was so excited that when my friend grasped my arm i didn’t understand the reason.

she pointed a place in front of us, and there it was Kenichi Matsuyama, the actor i didn’t know and was the protagonist of Norwegian Wood!!

we asked for a pictures and they said yes!!

P1030992 copia

then they asked us where were we from and when we said them “from here” they were delighted XD

[can u see the difference in my hair? –.- i couldn’t comb them, so the hairspray made them kind of.. that =_= ]

we went back to the red carpet and when the girls there asked us why we were so excited, they didn’t understand the reason why =_=;;

[well, they were excited for some italian actresses i neither know they exist so..]

after a bit, Rainie passed behind me!!!

P1030993 P1030995 P1030996 P1030997 P1030998 P1030999 P1040001 P1040002 P1040003 P1040004 P1040005 P1040006 P1040007 P1040008 P1040009 P1040010 P1040011 P1040012 P1040013


what pissed me a bit off is that people around me didn’t know who she was, but when saw me taking pics of her, went to her to ask for an autograph and then came back to me to ask me what was her name, if she was famous, what was her name… i don’t get why you want an autograph of someone you don’t care.. was about 7pm at that point, and a famous italian actress was going to walk the red carpet, and since we weren’t interested at all, we decided to leave there our bags to keep our place for the evening, and went in front of the hotel once again, still hoping to see somehow Woo Sung.. but nothing.

My friend started to say that he wasn’t going to come, but i’ve always thought he would appear to leave to go to the Palabiennale.

we waited till the end of the previous red carpet and from 8pm we stayed there. [at that time more chinese people started to gather]

my friend got hungry, so i went to the ice cream shop to buy a milk shake for her, but since it was 8.15pm, i decided to go in front of the hotel in the hope to see Woo Sung.

i stayed there till 8.40pm, but couldn’t see him..

i went back, bought 2 mik shakes, and waited.

my friend had asked some days before when the red carpet was starting, and she was told at about 9pm, so when it was 8.55 we started to get excited.. wrongly

there were still people cleaning the red carpet, and it went on like that till 9.10.

we wondered if we could stay there till the end of the red carpet, as on the tickets it was written that you could enter the cinema till 10 minutes before the start of the movie.

so i went to the bodyguards to ask and they said it was hardly possible..

We had to give up the red carpet..

*continuing on part 3*


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