domenica 31 ottobre 2010

Sunday, it doesn’t seem so

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it’s been raining since tonight, and the weather forecast says it won’t stop till Wednesday.. YEAH –.-

i’m going to Venice on Tuesday but there will be 1.15m of high water.. =_= take note that i’m staying OUTSIDE most of the time.. i really can’t wait é___é

Today i went to my grandma [mom of my dad] and with the dark outside and the heavy rain i drove without big problemsss! it’s incredible the confidence a license can give me X°D

ok nothing interesting has happened today.. just the changing of the time from the daylight saving time to the solar one.. so i wasted my whole morning thinking it was an hour earlier while my mobile phone had already changed the time on its own lol

it’s been such a relaxing day TT i love rainy days when u don’t have to go to school neither to study.. unluckily.. tomorrow i’ll have to study –.- oral and written tests the whole week yeeee hate it

and now that i think about it.. if it’s raining, the communications will slow.. so.. i won’t get my package [POSTE ITALIANE PLEASE do not block my package it’s just a CD, just with the sleeve is a little bigger TT] next Tuesday.. if it happens, i’ll love u <3 [but i’m sure it won’t ] i have to wait another whole week çOOOç i want my copy of the beginning in my hands.. also because i want to listen to it while driving xDDDDDD *dies*

i’m still without a job *nothing new* and in less than 2 month sunju will arrive here AND THIS MEANS THAT IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS I’LL BE ON HOLIDAY *___* and this means that in less than 2 months i have to find the money for the trip and the gifts for 10 people.. TT i don’t know how i’ll be able to TT

especially cuz i don’t have the slightest idea of what to buy to my mom and dad TT oh god there’s also the bday of Sunju.. TT and my DBSK calendar TT where can i find the moneyyy

JJ save me.

venerdì 29 ottobre 2010

food, shopping, postcard, album and fails

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OOOK so today was full of things xD

first, i went to school <.< and yes i hate that professor of English because she has always to penalize me for everything i do.. thank you.. for your information, you’re completely incoherent because you wrote something on my essay and told me the contrary so.. just be honest and give me a higher mark damn it!! u can’t say i can’t develop my ideas well! and give to my grammar a mere 7??? are u alright or what?? i mean.. WHAT? ppl in my class unable to make a structured issue got a FAR better mark than mine.. and let’s just UDERLINE that the essay i made for the mother tongue teacher got an 8, and i wasn’t in my best shape and WHAT an ITALIAN teacher gives me? 6+.. OH YEAH –.-

ok i won’t loose my nerves again, so let’s go on..! xD i finished school 1 hour earlier [with the protest of my whole class ahahahah i’m sorry x°DDD] to .. have lunch *dies*

it happened because we had to go to Preganziol to wok sushi to try [well i had to try xD it was my first time there] the foods served.. and for 9,90€ you get to eat all you want!

i had 3 spring rolls, 4 different kind of gyoza, yakisoba, tenpura, and some broccoli.. oh and one piece of sushi too xD and it was all just delicious <3 i had little portions of these dishes, but they were really good! ^^ i also had some ice cream with some fruits.. it filled my stomach x°D

i should have taken pictures >_< next time <3

after this, we went back to Treviso because i had to do some shopping, and.. i did x°D

starting with the thought of “have to buy panties” i ended talking about everything else x°DDD and buying non-related things.. xD


i bought:

  • a pink nail polish
  • eyeliner
  • concealer 2in 1
  • sos broken nails  <3


did bought the panties too lol  

i got home at 7 and what was on my bed? a beautiful postcard!! <3 it was from Brussels, so.. it was from Deb  <33 thank youuu!!!!!



how are you?

i miss u, but i guess u’r having fun even without me T^T

what a reckless unnie i have.. use all your messages for JaeJoong.. not one for me >_<

i miss u [korean]


WELL.. i wish i could spend ALL my money sending messages to JJ –.- it’s just.. i didn’t want to spend money *dies*

but i did send u a message Y_Y

Wondering how i look like in real life??? NOOOO!

then don’t read any further uu

today i finally made that video for Talk to me in Korean but.. i failed –.-

i need to do something for the audio TT

oh gosh already 22.00 O_o need to go to bed soon!

Oh i was about to forget!!! I LOVE G.E.M. LAST ALBUM!!!!!

go listen to “my secret” NOW <3 my fav song is Twinkle II <3 <3


my dinner ^^ tofu with vegetables and some bread :P

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this cat is just too hilarious x°DDDDDDDDDDD

giovedì 28 ottobre 2010


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yesterday i was looking out the widows in my class, and i couldn’t be amazed by the colours of nature in Autumn ^^

oh well, yes, i was paying attention to the lessons

Photo0653Photo0655  Photo0654

My cat is jealous

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of JJ’s cat –.-

the don’t dare to dream about something like this 

mercoledì 27 ottobre 2010

i have money you know.. and time.. and power XD

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This is half an hour later he posted THAT photo with THAT vase [ugh.. –.-]

he spent JUST 60000won on it, and he’s still saying “Oh gosh i spent so little!!!”

yes of course who would buy that thing


not satisfied enough, he bought also a telephone =.=


and as he wasn’t sleepy, he started planting cactuses =.=


now finally he has announced [to junsu but whatever i’m living on his twitter profile] he’s going to bed.. xD

first.. i’m wondering how big his house is ò.ò except for the vase i like the marble in the house! *__*

when am i going to visit it?? when??


have to admit though, i’ve been having so much fun since when they made their twitter account xDDD  

really important conversation on twitter between junsu and jaejoong

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(Junsu) Oohahahaha........I have nothing to say.. (around 6:30pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Did something happen? (around 8:30pm KST)
(Junsu) @mjjeje No.. lol, Just like I said, I have nothing much to tweet about lol (around 10:30pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic I went to the Express Bus Terminal with Sang Yeop hyung haha (around 10:45pm KST)
(Junsu) @mjjeje Why did you go there..? (around 11:30pm KST)
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic I went to go buy something, but I was being greedy.. I have nowhere to put the stuff.. (11:39pm KST)
(Junsu) @mjjeje Aha, I know what it is~ lol I have to go there some time (12:10am KST)
(Jaejoong) Mm.. I got this and that..Because there were so many pretty and cool things there.. (12:11am KST)
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic haha You get it, right? Let's go together later. You'll feel the urge to buy like me when you get there. (12:13am KST)


credits: Tohosomnia Twitter


as i’ve said already.. twitter is made for ppl who don’t have nothing important to do =_=

[and for writing it here, it means that i’m one of those ppl x°D]

martedì 26 ottobre 2010

wrong day started in the worst way

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yes.. this morning i dreamt that.. well let’s start from the beginning.

I was chatting on Twitter with Junsu and Yoochun because JaeJoong wasn’t on it, and after a bit i got the request of Junsu to be his friend [which.. is not something u can do on twitter now that i think about it lol] and i accepted happily. after a bit i was accepted by Chun too.

I was then walking up a mountain with my class mates and 2 of the professors who came with us to Rovereto. well, it wasn’t my whole class.. just a few people.. and within these people, there were YooChun and [now i’m not sure whether it was JunSu or YunHo].

We arrived in a little house made of wood and here we sat at the table to have a tea. i spent my time trying to get closer to YooChun, but he didn’t seem to be interested to have any relation with me, so i gave up and continued to chat with my professors and [yunho/junsu]

I was telling them that my favourite song was Shelter and i couldn’t believe i was talking to one of the 2 person who sang it and so on.

After a bit i decided to check Twitter to see if someone had written something interesting, and my eye was caught by a message of JJ.. a strange tweet.. however i didn’t pay [i didn’t want to] attention to it and went on on our excursion.

after a bit i get a phone call of one of my friend telling me that “it happened.. it happened.. “ i was ò.ò then looked at Chunnie who was reading a message on his phone and started tearing up. i was.. “No.. it can’t be.. it can’t be.. it can’t be..” then he looked at me, and i started to try not to cry.. started feeling desperate.. it couldn’t be true.. i went on Allkpop website and there there was, as main article “Singer Kim JaeJoong attempted suicide”

i started again crying desperately, blaming myself for not having done anything after reading that message, unwilling to open that page, unwilling to know the truth.

i thought that until i knew the news it wouldn’t become true.. when i was about to click on the title, i started to come back to my senses, and found myself lying on my bed, sobbing desperate.. then i realized it wasn’t the reality, the alarm was about to ring and another school day would have start for me in a few hours.

First thought: i have to write to him he MUSTN’T do that on Twitter.. but then i thought about his friend who committed suicide, and about his new cat.. people who wants to live take care of another life.. so i reassured myself, it was just a dream, just a stupid dream, but yeah.. i felt for the first time what desperation is.. please Jae, do not ever think about it.. please.. you’re so worth living on..

anyway.. the school day started.. and i got 4/5 in German.. –.- i knew it wasn’t a brilliant test but come on.. a bit more.. i lost all my hope..

tomorrow i’m having 2 class tests.. and i still have to start studying.. i don’t want to start but i’ll have to.. i hate school.. i also got a call for a job and i couldn’t accept it because i can’t get there.. T_______T

lunedì 25 ottobre 2010

Junsu's Technology Fail

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It all began with a simple tweet
(Jaejoong) Tonight, I will focus on composing! Hwaiting~
This is when things start to get a little funky
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Junsu, you use a mac at home, right~? Do you happen to have the mac os x CD? The grey CD that you get when you first buy your computer~
(Junsu) That CD.. ? I'll look for it~ Hyung, you must be composing right now~lol I made the finishing touches on all of mine in Shanghai^^ hahaha
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic Oh, I see ㅠ I'm writing lyrics right now, but I have so much to say that it's getting tangled up and complicated ㅠ
(Junsu) Lyrics.. Hmm Have you made the melody..? It looked like a lot of melodies could be created from what you had..
Yoochun butts in here
(Yoochun) @mjjeje I have it~Or did I throw it away?? Hm~~
(Jaejoong) @6002theMicky Yoochun, I need thatㅠ I'm supposed to do a LOGIC UPDATE but it's telling me I can't because I don't have the OS X version 10.7 ㅠ
(Junsu) Oh shoot, I'm just tweeting to everyone ...I'm supposed to click 'reply' before writing my tweet.. Dang
(Junsu) Huh, guys, can everyone still see what I tweet even if I click 'reply'? Then what am I supposed to do? when I want only the person who receives the tweet to see it.. Hm..
(Jaejoong) @0101xiahtic You can do that by sending a DM~ (direct message)
(Junsu) @mjjeje Jaejoong Hyung (he spelled it Jaejeung, spelling fail), like this? If I do this, can only you see it?
His cousin ends up stepping in to solve the issue X)
(@iamyenny8) @0101xiahtic If you want only the receiver to read what you have to say, you have to write it in a DM. Everyone can see what you write if you just click 'reply'
(Junsu) @iamyenny8 Thank you my Twitter teacher lol


Credit: Tohosomnia twitter



and they’re still going on x°DDD

poor Junsu x°DDDDDD

mercoledì 20 ottobre 2010

is it raining?

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    Photo0647 Photo0646

uhm.. not really.. more..  HAILING X°DDDDDDDD

yes, it seems it has snowed LOL

something wrong with the weather? :D


ok now i really have to start studying English and German [and Spanish and History]

martedì 19 ottobre 2010

I’ve taken a decision

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that starting tomorrow i’ll wake up at 6am, do my exercises, than having my shower and go to school.

let’s see how long i can do it X°D

lunedì 18 ottobre 2010

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… i’m wondering HOW i’ll survive for 3 more weeks to get my copy of The Beginning.. T___T

Got it!

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112705 112324

driving license is with me! end of expensive driving lessons yeeeeeeee

domenica 17 ottobre 2010

first time of being so frightened

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.. ok.. i have to stay calm.. stay calm….




T____T it’s the first time for me to be so scared of an exam.. i wasn’t like this when i had the theory.. T____T

tomorrow.. let’s pray it won’t rain when i’ll be driving.. and let’s hope i’ll pass it..

if i pass it, i swear i’ll study the whole afternoon and look for a job in the evening.. i swear T__________T

his smile çOç

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i want to see one for me too T______T

giovedì 14 ottobre 2010

New Wallpaper

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i should be studying for tomorrow, but i’m feeling hopeless.. so.. i made a new wallpaper! ^^ something that has become so rare in the last year LOL

Hope u like it ^^


martedì 12 ottobre 2010

longest day ever

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ok let’s start with yesterday evening.. i convinced my dad to let me drive his car.. i’ll NEVER do it again.. at 10pm it was signed by me.. trying to go through the gate of my house.. =_=

anyway.. yesterday my mom entered the hospital.. so this morning i was told to be ready to be there at 7.30am since she would have had the operation.. at 7.15 we get the call “I’m going to be operated at 8.30” after 10 mins “it was delayed at 9am”, after 15 mins “i’m going to be operated at 8.30am” but it was already 8, and even if we got on the car at that time, we arrived at the hospital at 8.40, when we was informed she had already entered the room for the operation., then we waited.. and waited.. and waited.. when it was about 12.15, FINALLY a woman in the same room as my mom’s came out to tell us she was already there =_= we were told “we will inform you when she will exit the operating room" .. YES…

so.. i stayed with her the whole afternoon, going out at some points because the doctors had to do a check up.. and in one of these moments i decided to go out the hospital and jog a bit.. of course i was blocked by a man –.- who started to ask things about me, that i was lovely, beautiful body, blah blah blah.. =_= luckily i was able to run away..

the operation went smoothly, and when i finally exited the hospital it was 9pm.. we went to a pizzeria and GOSH THE PIZZA WAS JUST TOO GOOD!

maybe i was too hungry x°DDDD

now i’m so sleepy.. tomorrow i’m going to rest.. my dad thought i was going to school =_=


lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

different monday spent in Venice

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ok, people watching this blog WON’T be my parents nor relatives, as they CAN’T speak English, so i’m free to tell everyone that today i didnt’ go to MY school x°D

i went to the University i’m going to attend next year x°D

there was a japanese class in the morning, so when i got a text from my friend saying “i’m not going to school, coming with me to Venice?” my answer was “OF COURSE WHY ARE U ASKING ME?”

so yeah,.. it was so funny! and i really enjoyed it! and i understood i DO know some japanese, as i knew all the kanjis, and i understood the parts she was speaking in Japanese :D which is exciting!!

but the explanation of the kanjis was the best thing x°D u had to see the drawings she was making and everything was “yes, this is japanese leg/chlld/woman/man.. we’re different! and evertyhing is small.. japanese pepole are small!”

oh gosh i really love her! :D it’s a pity i cant’ start studying korean AND japanese on the 1st year xD


-7days to my driving exam TT____TT

G20 NGs

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usually JJ is the one making more ngs, now it’s junsu’s turn x°D

though i can’t understand 70% of what they’re saying xD

domenica 10 ottobre 2010

ROVERETO 4-6th October 2010

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finally the pics i took during this short-long trip xD

well, first of all, the day started in the worst way possible, because i woke up at 2.40am and was nervous till 10am when my friend told me she had preordered the album..

we arrived in Rovereto and.. i had to share my room with the same person as last year in Spain, and i didn’t know what to do, because i really can’t stand this person.. so yes.. not the best day.. but i was in the middle of the mountains, and i love mountains!

Photo0572 Photo0569 Photo0570 Photo0571

we went right after to the tranches and walked up and down a mountain =_= so tired after it! i really pity soldiers had to live there!

Photo0620 Photo0575 Photo0576 Photo0578 Photo0579 Photo0580 Photo0581 Photo0582 Photo0583 Photo0584 Photo0585 Photo0586 Photo0587 Photo0588 Photo0589 Photo0590 Photo0591 Photo0592 Photo0593 Photo0594 Photo0595 Photo0596 Photo0597 Photo0598 Photo0599 Photo0600 Photo0601 Photo0602 Photo0603 Photo0604 Photo0605 Photo0606 Photo0607 Photo0608 Photo0609 Photo0610 Photo0611 Photo0612 Photo0613 Photo0614 Photo0615 Photo0616 Photo0617 Photo0618 Photo0619

then at about 5pm we went to the hostel and had our rooms.. mine wasn’t that bad [except for the company] and the landscape was realxing

Photo0633 Photo0634 Photo0635

after unpacking, we decided to have a tour of the city.. but it started to rain heavily so we just sat in a cafe till dinner time [which was awful –.-]


…. *speechless* i chatted with Deb at the phone for abut 15min because she was on the train going to venice, and then went back on the room to try to sleep a bit since i was up till that early and had to walk that much.

well, it was impossible till midnight, because people in the other rooms kept making a mess –.-

next day was.. gosh.. i thought i would have slept in the museum.. we went to the mart to do a laboratory, but it was so useless [at least for me] and this was the outcome:



the landscape out the window was really nice!

Photo0625 Photo0622 Photo0623 Photo0624  then.. i got 2 messages telling me that Deb had called me twice, so since in the museum there wasn’t connection, i went outside, called her and.. got the info that yes, suju were in venice, yes she met them, yes she talked to the, yes i was in Rovereto, yes i was screaming jumping here and there in the middle of a museum with ppl looking at me like a crazy person


then i visited the museum.. i found a chinese artist, a korean photographer and 2 korean stamps!! :D but i couldn’t take pictures –.-

at lunch time i had a sandwich and then an apple.. 3€ for that damn apple é____é i’m still pissed off for it é_______é

on the afternoon we visited the war museum, but i was so tired for the not sleeping and the continuous visiting of things, that i almost felt asleep on a pause

 Photo0627 Photo0628 Photo0629

map of that time of Korea and Japan xDDDDDDD written in German x°D

 Photo0630 Photo0631


after dinner, i went to my room, this time i listened a bit to music, then started to watch “Ninja Assassin” and gave up after 15mins, as i was sleepy.

this time i slept well, and on the next morning i was informed one of the girls who were sharing my room fell in love with Rain x°DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

after breakfast we packed our bags and visited the house of Depero [which i didn’t like at all –.-], had lunch in a pizzeria [service HORRIBLE, pizza HORRIBLE : won’t go there anymore] and then came back home at about 7pm, with a stiff neck yeah!

it’s passing now luckily!

OH! on 18th October i’m having my driving exam.. i’ll have to drive the car.. gosh please pray i’ll pass it!! TT_____________TT

in 10 hours i’m having my Spanish class test AND I DON’T KNOW HOW I’LL PASS IT AS I STILL HAVE TO OPEN THE BOOK [well it’s opened in front of me to tell the truth xD]


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