domenica 28 novembre 2010

i’m just too excited

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that i have to write it here and share my happiness with those people who keep reading my stupid posts x°DDDDD


after 2… 18 years of “what should i do in my life?” T_____T, after 5 years of hate for this school, after 3 years of meeting with the Asian languages, after 4 years of understanding my love for cuisine, after all of this.. i’ve finally found something çOç


Now i have some months to decide whether:

  • attend University Korean studies, get my degree after 3 years, then continue my studies in Korea for 2 or 3 years, and attend a course of 7 months for patisserie; then move in a patisserie in Korea or see what can i do
  • attend the evening course of the high school focused on cuisine for 3 years, get my license, and then follow a course of 10 months of cuisine and move to Korea
  • attend University, in the evening go to high school, and then attend or patisserie or cuisine



venerdì 26 novembre 2010

Snowy Memories

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so.. i stopped.. we stopped in Vicenza to spend there a couple of hours.. and.. it was heartbreaking.. T_T



Summer version


Winter version


which one do you like the most? A bocca aperta


summer version indeed –.-



it was closed :/



no MinJong this time T___T


[talking about this.. tonight i dreamt of WooSung and MinJong.. T____T

open job in verona

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Yesterday after talking with my dad, i decided to go to the OpenJob, which is a fair for people like me who will have to go to university or find a job, an exhibition where you can get information [not that much in fact –.-] about every kind of thing.. i woke up at 6am, and while watching a drama, i was about to miss my train lol

it' was freezing, but no forecasts about snow.. i had to change train in Treviso where i met with my other mates, and took the train to Vicenza [YES VICENZA]



after a bit i took a look outside and *_____________*P1040215



do not care about my face and presence in the pics


we arrived in Verona at about 10 and after suffering from the incredible gelid wind, we reached the place, and look for info.. i was *___* discovering schools for cooking, and.. i wish it didn’t cost 6000-12000€ TT___________________TT

anyway, at about 13.18 we left Verona and went to Vicenza.. the place full of memories T______________T


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