mercoledì 22 dicembre 2010

another thing to add

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to my lucky 2010:


and i wasn’t expecting one! O_O i mean, i just wrote her:

i don’t usually write to you, but i’m listening to your new album and i have to say that i really like it ^^ but i think you’re sleeping xD

some minutes later i got her answer

i’m not sleeping, i’m vanpayu!

which i guess it means she’s like a vampire who doesn’t sleep at night?

lol anyway i was so shocked that i kept looking at that tweet x°DDDD


concluding… i guess i had enough luck this year LOL

sabato 18 dicembre 2010

last week

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of this job! Sorriso

i can’t hide i’m relived it has almost come to and end xD

though i’ve already spent all the money i earned, and i’m already in debt once again.. sigh.. when i come back from Milan, i’m going to find a regular part time job, because i want to pay back my dad off all the money he gave me.. T_T and i also have to pay me the trip to paris.. and save for the university..and i want to be able to buy things for my friends and myself with my own money.. i’m kinda tired of these days of working, but i’m also really proud to be able to earn something..! i want to be independent! though i’ve also understood once more i’ll have to pay a much bigger attention to my money as they tend to disappear  -.- like the money i got from my grandma last week.. they disappeared! *sighs*

what else.. oh! it snowed yesterday! and quite a lot!! i would post the images, but i’ve finished the free space –.- i’m thinking about buying more gigas.. let’s see.. this is unfair anyway.. why do i have to pay? –.-

Next week is going to be my last week of school in 2010!! i’ll have a physics class test and a spanish oral test on monday, history of art class test on tuesday, italian essay on Wednesday, and Maths class test on Thursday.. i’m going to die :/ oh and on Tuesday i’m starting the course for the FCI *___*

i’m already tired just at the thought lol

i wanted to study a bit, but.. i’ll just go to sleep .. XD tomorrow last day of work.. i can’t believe i can use the word “last” xDDDD i won’t eat chocolate for at least 2 weeks xD

domenica 12 dicembre 2010

another weird dream

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i dont know why i can’t have normal dreams X°D

anyway, it was Sunday, and when i got up i saw my dad packing his luggage so i asked him if he was going somewhere and he answered me that day he had to film the m/v.

I was O____O because i forgot he was casted to be part of the filming of a korean MV so i tried to persuade him to take me with him, but he kept saying i had school and i had to study.

i was so angry, and when i looked at the sky it was scary. i got the news there would be a tsunami [???] so when i looked at my terrace, i saw a fish trying to breath. it was a shock because i didn’t notice the water, and when i was trying to find a bucket to keep it alive, this fish stood up on 4 feet and jumped down the terrace O_o

after that, i was in the mountains, at the location of the filming, and i was trying to understand who i knew of the ppl there: there were some actors, and some of the Super Junior too, and when i was told that there was a chance for JaeJoong to appear, i started to get excited.

i made friend with Joo Won, and after a bit of talking, [half in korean half in english xD] i was forced to take part to a game, which i lost, got drunk, and swim in a pool.

after this everything is not clear.. like, the staff wanted to pair me with a boy with a red tshirt that’s why they made me loose? dunno

i just know i woke up before JaeJoong could appear –.-


Now.. i have to get ready for work.. T____________T i really don’t wanna go T_______T

at then end of today i’ll have completed 4 days out of 6.. just 2 days left.. i know but.. it’s painful.. T___T because i get bored alone..

venerdì 10 dicembre 2010

merry xmas!

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it’s just that i got my first present and my first 2 greeting cards <3

when i got home, there was a HUGE package on my desk


the text written in red is my dear mom saying me that i have to tell her 13,50€ because she had to pay it to the postman –.- you could at least pay that –.-

whatever.. i already knew what was inside lol



Thank you for the card, Cecilia! =)

P1040319this thing is just too awesome!!!! i’m wondering if they sell it in italy too lol



I’m really thankful to you!! =)

and i’ll never stop repeating it i guess xDD

i also got another card:


Thank you Adelina! you’re always faster than me in these things x°D

Oh! and on Tuesday i’ve finally cleaned up my room! yay for me xD


i have to improve my order lol i’m really lacking xD

Tomorrow is work again! and.. in 2 weeks i’ll be in holiday!! A bocca aperta

omg i can’t wait <3 then i have to find another part time job so i can afford my trip to Paris, the university, and hopefully a trip to Seoul and Nagoya and Tokyo!^^ let’s see what i can do lol

Today i also got the paper for the course for the First Certificate, and out of 3 ppl of my class, i’m the only one alone in another group T__T it’s not that i care that much, but.. why did they divide us? maybe my level is not that good? T__T

dunno.. on Tuesday and Wednesday my parents will meet my prof.. even though i’m 18.. i really don’t get why they should go :/ just to hear that i should work more for scholl –.- oh yeah of course

up till now, my huge problem is German, while i’m not completely sufficient in Latin and Physics.. but it’s a really good situation! because last year i had far more problems xD

I’m not the best in any subject [or.. maybe.. P.E.? A bocca apertaDDD not that sure anymore as i don’t skate anymore.. ugh], but i’m not the bad in any either! so i’m ok with it! ^^ i don’t wish to spend all my time on books like some ppl in my class xD in the end it’s my last year in high school and i have to do all the things i didn’t do in the other 4 years *dies*

Ok end of the never ending post! ^^

Thank you again Ceciliaaa!

Now i’m waiting for 2 packages for 2 of my friends, my package with my make up brushes set [ CAN’T WAITTT] and the poster of Reign of Assassins A bocca aperta


any idea for a xmas girft for my dad? D: i’ve already bought the one for my mom, but now i don’t know what to give my dad..

mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010


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today is a festivity in Italy, so i’m going to my Aunt’s place to have lunch with my relatives ^^

i’ve wanted to try this look for a week, and now i’ve got a chance to do it xD


oh the christmas tree in my home is still to be decorated x°D

(Official) Highlight of SBS '아테나:전쟁의 여신' Athena, 하이라이트 (6'56'')

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ok now i’m confused X___X who’s good and who’s bad? X_________X


and more and more stupid for not having recognized Kim So Yun and cha seung won –.-

martedì 7 dicembre 2010

why do i feel so sorry and guilty? )=

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@mjjeje : seems like taxi drivers are way worse than people following and tracking us anywhere, anytime. they seem dont care about that they are now helping stalking which is serious crime. they dont care at all about the like of us(miserable singers) = 사생보다 더나쁜건 국내사생을통틀어 젊은 외국팬들에게 시간당거금을 받고 일하는 사생택시가 더나쁜거같다. 스토킹이건 범죄건 사생활침해이건 상관없고 어차피 막장인 인생이니까 상관말라는 전문 사택들.

[TRAN] @mjjeje : although there are no fans like them, taxi drivers will track us down just for damn money. they are the most wicked people ever. what if their family members or their own children in the same situation, how would they feel? hope they consider this. because of themselves many peoples than they expect got hurt seriously. they ruin a lot of peoples ordirnary lives. = 사생이없다 해도 "돈"때문에 우리 없어도 찾았다하고 ,빈택시로 연예인들만 찾아다녀서 팬들에게 연락하는 사생택시가 더 사회의 악질이라생각해 . 당신들 자녀들이나 가족이 그렇다면 ..과연.. 생각보다 아주많은 사람들이 사생활적으로 피해를본다 .

[TRAN] @mjjeje : sometime on a real hectic day we couldnt even meet our own family or close friends at all. that could have happened but the time weve wasted because of them makes me crazy. i can totally understand that feeling wants to meet somebody in person. however i guess thats not a true love for somebody.. = 우리 다섯멤버들다 집이나 길거리에서 울어도봤고 사고도 당해봤지만 사생택시 앞유리안에 보이는건 웃고있는 입모양이었어.물론 그상황에 화도내봤어.그치만 나만이 아니라 우리모두를위해서 그런사랑의 방식으로 생을명을 단축시키는 행위는 하지말자.밤늦게 다들미안..

@mjjeje : not just me alone but also all of our 5 members have cried on the street or at home. we even got accidents because of them. whenever i see inside of those cabs, i notice their big smiles in them. i could have expressed my anger to them but i didnt for all of us. plz dont deal with lives of ours or theirs that much lightly. sorry guys for this kind of tweets..

@mjjeje : this is little bit unknown where it comes from, not long time ago i asked G-dragon they dont have any fans or cab drivers like these. he doesnt even know that kind of cab drivers exist.

사생보다 더나쁜건 국내사생을통틀어 젊은 외국팬들에게 시간당거금을 받고 일하는 사생택시가 더나쁜거같다. 스토킹이건 범죄건 사생활침해이건 상관없고 어차피 막장인 인생이니까 상관말라는 전문 사택들.
What's worse than those extremely obsessive fans is those taxis that carry foreign fans and take a lot of money from them. They don't care what they are doing even thought it's stalking and illegal because they think their life is already messed up.
사생이없다 해도 "돈"때문에 우리 없어도 찾았다하고 ,빈택시로 연예인들만 찾아다녀서 팬들에게 연락하는 사생택시가 더 사회의 악질이라생각해 . 당신들 자녀들이나 가족이 그렇다면 ..과연.. 생각보다 아주많은 사람들이 사생활적으로 피해를본다 .
I think Taxi that carries fans to star is the worst one. Even we are not there they say they've found us because of the money they earn. They look for celebrities with an empty cab and tell fans where we are and i think it's evil. If your kids and family is doing that... what will you do then.. Many people suffer from invasion of privacy...
7년동안 일이바쁜날엔 하루에 친구,지인,가족을 만날수있었던 시간은 많지않았다..하지만 평균 하루 그무리들때문에 2,3시간을 도로에서 시간을 허비하던가 만나지못했으니까 . 그건 애정이아닌거라고 생각해요.너무나 보고싶은 마음은 이해해..나도 그랬으니까.
For 7 years I didn't have enough time to meet my family, friends and someone I've known.... However I had to waste 2~3 hours average on a road everyday because of those obsessive fans. I don't think it's love. I understand how much you want to see me.. I've been there.
credit: jingukim @ fitto

@mjjeje : as much as i told them this kind of mention, they will narrow down us more. but theres no other ways. they should realize what they are doing apparently for themselves.


credits: @TVXQHOME

lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Christmas Time

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i really like this song! it makes me feel xmas is here *^*

and.. it suits this moment lol

yes i’m back from my first weekend of working..XD

i was SO nervous Saturday morning! But in the end everything went smoothly ^^ the first day has been the hardest, as i wasn’t used to standing for such a long time [student’s life xD always sat down xD] but yesterday was much better!

I also enjoyed my time ^^ and i' had to stay outside the whole time lol but everyone was so kind with me! <3



i’m determined now to lose weight U___U

i have to get a 42size so i’ll be able to have more job opportunities and feel better with myself ^^

venerdì 3 dicembre 2010


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tomorrow i’m having my first day at my first [ok 3rd] part time job!!!

i’m just TOO nervous because i can’t believe i was actually called back, and because i’m afraid they won’t be satisfied when they see me TT

i’ll have to wear a santa claus costume, and give information to the clients but.. i think they were looking for someone with a 42 size.. [italian of course].. and.. i don’t have it.. TT if the costume is 42.. what are we going to do? TT i’m just too afraid! not because i was in the wrong [i wrote my size in my curriculum, if they haven’t paid attention to it it’s not my fault!] but because i might go there and have nothing in my hands… TT

i need those money.. TT

anyway.. today i went to the dentist x°Dnot really interesting, but i was afraid for my teeth’s health, and it was better than what i thought xD

and.. i forgot what i wanted to say °___°

oh well whatever.. let’s see tomorrow what kind of day it’s going to be.. cross ur fingers TT

OH! I REMEMBER i’ve bought the train tickets to Rome and Milan yay! and on January i’ll book my trip to Paris! *_________*

i’m loving it xD

giovedì 2 dicembre 2010

i’m not dead

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but i’ll be soon



can you explain how can i afford this book?

because i haven’t the slighest idea –.- they should lower a bit their prices…

OH BTW.. i’ve maybe found a job to pay me my holiday around Italy! *__*

though i’m sure as soon as they see my pictures they’ll change their minds –.-

ok in less than a hour i’m having a class math test wish me luckkk!!!


oh! and i’m not asking anyone to buy it for me xDDD


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