sabato 12 febbraio 2011

oh my god

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i’m 19.

And i’ve been ignoring this blog for so long. GOSH. i shouldn’t!

just because i have too much fun reading what i’ve written

What’s new.. mmh… I’m 19 çOOOç i’m feeling so old sigh T__T

i got my term’s marks:

Italian:     6     6

Latin:               5

History:            7

English:    7     7

German: 5     4      [LOL]

Spanish: 7      7

H. of Art:         6

Philosophy:    7

Maths:            6

Biology:          7

Physics:          6

P.E.:                 8

Behaviour:   9

way of evaluation: 1 is the lowest, 10 the best. To be sufficient you need to get 6.

OK I KNOW i shouldn’t be proud of those marks, but.. lol honestly i’ve not study that hard xD i’m trying to improve those numbers next term.. also because i’m having the final exams –.-

talking about it.. in 20 years, our dear minister of instruction has decided to choose as “external subjects” [which means that there will be professors of other schools coming to my exam and evaluating me without knowing me. In an Italian graduation there are 3 internal professors, 3 external and a president, who usually is external of course] the languages i study… =_= i was a bit shocked at first [GERMAN I MEAN GERMAN], but then i understood it’s better for me.. i’ve been making my language teachers hating me in these past years, and it wouldn’t have been a good thing to have them judging me at the end x°DDD [well maybe yes.. i don’t know]

I have another problem rightnow… Italian.. i’ve thought my professor would make it easy for me, but i’ve started hating his behaviour towards me.. he’s always trying to upset me in everyway, and i understand you’re bored, but you could stop that thing.. we have different opinions, live with it! damn.. –.-

furthermore i don’t know what to do for my thesis.. =_= “use your interests” “yeah my interest is Kim Jaejoong, how can i talk about him?” –.-

my passions are: languages, japan, korea, music, cooking, movies.. these things arent’ linked to what I study [except for languages but.. i don’t know how to develop it as a thesis..]

Oh! next month i’m going to Berlin! ^____^ from 14th to 19th.. 2 days of bus.. =___= just try to see how many km there are between Venice and Berlin and you’ll understand my desperation.. but whatever at least i’m travelling xDDD

I still have to find the money for Paris.. gossh T___T i need to find them ASAP or i’ll be in trouble..

lol i like how i started with “i don’t know what to write” and i’ve written this much and still have other things to say

I’M HAPPPYYYYY!! dunno why, it’s just.. i’m so happy to be happy x°DDDDDDD

-.- nothing special has happened [except for everyone around me is telling me i need someone to heal my insane mind as i’m just talking about JJ all day long] so i’m wondering why 'i’m feeling like this O_O

Deb has started a new FF <3 JJ we’re back together <33 unconsciously i’ve started talking about JJ again LOL

ok i don’t know what to add.. XD

giovedì 3 febbraio 2011

weird dreams is the way

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i don’t know why but whenever i dream about JJ it’s in a weird background x°D

Last week i dreamt that i was with my family in a festival of my town, and there where DBSK having a concert there, so i went there with them to enjoy it. the fact is i don’t remember anything about it because i didn’t really care, anyway at the end, as usual they came out to give things to fans [usually balls with their signature on it].. they were wearing a Tshirt, and boxers.. O_O

i was in the middle of a row, and i was just looking at JaeJoong, thinking how lucky fans next to him were, but then he turned and saw me staring at him, so he took a cherry tomato from the box and asked me if i wanted it.

my answer was obviously yes, and i ate a cherry tomato given to me by a half naked JJ..

i had another one but i can’t remember now..

sorry for not writing anything here, but i still have to pay for a new album –.-

for the moment i’m leaving you this pic A bocca aperta

i’m in need of a doctor i know –.-


oh! today is his real birthday! ^^

Happy birthday dear <3

and happy new lunar year! ^^


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