sabato 30 aprile 2011


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Finally i had the chance to go to Paris! It’s been one of the most beautiful trip i’ve done so far [but maybe that’s because i organized it as i wished and i were with lovely ppl <3]

The day of the departure i had to stay at school till 5pm, but as i had been sick the previous days, i was worried i was going to be sick during the trip too, so i decided to go to the doctor to know what i had.

In the end nothing serious, i was already healing on my own luckily! I was home at about midday, so i had plenty of time to get my luggage and myself ready xD the result was… i got to Mestre TOO early –.-

I spent 1.30hrs waiting for my friends in a bar, eating a never ending ice cream.

Finally we left by train, and had to sleep in a little section of the train, but after the initial shock


we just went to sleep xD

I just know i kept waking me up for the whole time because i was scared to fall down [my bed was close to the ceiling] and because of the dust. [have got an allergy]

But finally the next morning we got to Paris! I was just too excited, so when we passed by the Eiffel Tower by metro i was a little disappointed because it didn’t look that great. It was just an impression though xD

At about 11cm we reached our camping place and i was fascinated by the fact we were in the middle of a HUGE park with a beautiful sight! We could also see the Seine from our bungalow!

What surprised us was to find a very hot weather.. not really hot, but we weren’t prepared at all!

We spent the first afternoon of our staying to visit some monuments, first of which the Louvre because.. we had to have lunch as we were craving xD

We just admired it from the outside, and then we went to our next destination: of course the Eiffel Tower! And when i saw it from Trocadero, i couldn’t help but open my mouth astonished.

The view was just so beautiful! Now i understand the charm of the tower ^^


we then walked to Les Invalides, but we couldn’t go in because it was past 5 and the museum closed. The outside was anyway impressive.


Next stop was the Alexandre III bridge.. it was so hot and we were so tired, that we started to will to go back to the camping.


Nevetheless I was so anxious of not being able to see everything before going back home, that i dragged my friend around and about again so we also visited Place de la Concorde


After this we had to go back to the bungalow to buy the groceries and make our dinner.

On the evening we just went to bed exhausted.


We woke up at 7 and got ready by 8.15 to go to Versailles.

On the way, my beautiful camera decided to break and to not work anymore –.- yay

So i could just take picture with my mobile phone

The long queue we had to do and the gardens have been the things that impressed me the most <3


We wanted to rent a car to visit them, but we had to be over 24yo to drive it ): so unfair

Here a group of Japanese tourists asked us to have a picture together x°D

I was so proud of being able to understand what they were saying *dies* though they  didn’t pay attention to my answers in Japanese –.- whatever..

They looked like Yakuzas lol

We then had lunch, and went back to Paris to visit Sacre Coeur, Notre Dame, Centre Pompidou, Moulin Rouge, Montmartre

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Almost dead, we woke up again at the same hour and went to the Louvre.

It was just huge, but the emotion of seeing the paintings and sculpture i had been studying was bigger than it! So i started visiting it on my own because when i’m with others i can’t focus and i just chat.

It was really full of tourists from all over the world, and after an hour i understood why i was told one day wasn’t enough to visit it. It had 4 floors, which are long, long, really long… And when i was admiring Flemish Arts, a voice started to say “We ask our visitors to leave the building through the nearest emergency exit” I was O____o

But when i got out i found out that it was just a control because they had found something suspect.. Lol i couldn’t end my visit in that part xD


beautiful <3 though small

After the Louvre [and starbucks <3], we went to Pont Neuf, because.. it was the only name i could remember from the DVD Bonjour Paris.. LOL.. i was so excited knowing i was in a place were JJ had been.. till the moment i came home watching again the DVD and noticing that i was so high in the other side of the bridge –.- damn

[good excuse to go back to ParisA bocca aperta]


[and.. i was so excited without caring about the man with his daughter next to us because “whatever they’re not italian they' can’t understand what i’m saying” .. they were italian –.-]

After that i had to look for a medal for my mom that was of a Saint i don’t know which, from a for me unknown church and it took us a bit to finally find it.

We then went back to the Tour Eiffel to go to the Japanese foundation to look for a book for my friend but couldn’t find it. Next stop was China Town, but all we could find opened was a supermarket where i bought some Korean snacks that i LOVE [and have already finished ;_;]

We also admired the Opera from the outside [i wanted to go in ;_;] and then went back to our bungalow tired to death.


Last full day in Paris, we went in the morning to Musée d’Orsay, where you couldn’t take pictures, but where i loved more Van Gogh: as a matter of fact while some paintings are far more better in books, the paintings of Van Gogh are lively live, with a bright vibe in his colors.. just stunning..!

After that we had lunch in Montmartre, went in the Moulin Rouge [just 150€ for a dinner.. CHEAP!], look for a shop and then go back to Chinatown, where i wanted to die in the shops! First i saw Hello Kitty, then DBSK, then JJ, then food, then pens, then tshirts, then notebooks.. i wanted to die!!!! I bought 2 cute pens <3 I’d been looking for a pen with a thin point but here in italy are no where <3 Photobucket So yeah i was so happy! Then in the next shop i wanted to really die as there were ALL the dramas i loved [and couldn’t afford TT] and they were also playing music i knew! i mean T__T i wanted to cry there and live there forever! The owners were so kind to us! [also because my friends spent so much money ahah! xD] I bought “Kim Jun Su Musical Concert” and i’m so happy to have done it [though it was more expensive than on YA] because it’s worth it!! it’s really beautiful!


In the evening we went to a REAL KOREAN RESTAURANT I’M STILL FULL AT THE THOUGHT AND SO HAPPY!!!!! everything was SO good!!!! awwwwwwwwww!!!

Then we got to see the sparkling Eiffel Tower!! <33


I made a video but it’s  not really clear

We then went back at about 1am to wake up the next morning at 7.


It was the day of our train back home, and though i was a bit sad, i was also really happy because i had spent 4 beautiful days visiting all i wanted to visit [except some things..]


We cleaned the bungalow, packed the luggage and went to La Defense.. where we spent the whole day in a shopping mall shopping, trying clothes and trying to not fall asleep lol. At 5pm we went back to the camping, got our bags and then took the train at 8.



Now it’s a shock going back to school.. i didn’t miss my books at all –.-


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lunedì 18 aprile 2011

lazy.. bored.. upset.. HAPPY :D

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Yeah!! i’m aliveee!! I know no one cares, but i amm!!

Ok first explaining the title:

lazy: not made a space for more pics, so yeah that’s the main reason why i haven’t been writing here.. =_=

bored: it’s not really true ahah! i don’t have time to get bored because of school and.. tell u later

upset: i’ve tried to write this entry like 3 times? and everytime windows live writer was able to stop working after a never ending post.. –.-

Will it work this time?? –.-


What i’ve been doing so far.. First, i had my bday party with some friends of mine, and i spent a really enjoying evening! ^^

they gave me

P1040703 P1040704 P1040702

they always spend so much money for me TT

Then.. I went to Berlin with my class! For my last class trip.. which.. said like this is kinda sad.. but.. it also means i won’t have to suffer in a high school any moreeee yeeee! the only problem is that i really don’t know what to do after this.. good.

I really liked that city because it’s cosmopolitan and the prensence of both past present of future was really amazing. Furthermore i love big cities with good public transportations so it’s now one of the city where i’d like to go back ^^

Here i bought my new wallet <3 loving it!

P1050483 P1040813 P1040837 P1040879 P1040885

Had Korean after walking for like 1km XD it was so spicy i thought i was going to die lol but in the end i managed to end all of it xD

 P1040917 P1040931 P1040982 P1050005 P1050084

I’m realizing i’ve never posted so many pics of me.. P1050097

Sony centre.. it’s just awesome! P1050110 P1050129

-.- found it on the berlin’s wall –.- i think it’s just shameful to write on something like that.. not because of what they wrote, just i don’t think they should ruin a monument that hide so much pain. P1050182 P1050279

150 years ago Italy was united so even though we were in Germany we celebrated it anyway ^^ such good girls ahah!


I was like O___O JJ here!!! but everything was too expensive so i just left everything there –.- the shop was nice though..


Now the second good news: I’M GOING TO PARIS TOMORROW!!! YESSS!! FOR REALL!!! i really can’t believe it!!

and whatever the fact SM will be holding a concert  there in a month –.- I’m honestly kinda angry but who cares xD

I now just have the problem with the luggage :/ i don’t know how to put everything in it TT

what else.. i have ups and downs at school, but what’s been scaring me the most these days is the final exam cuz professors made me feel like i wasn’t ready to take it.. and furthermore i don’t know what to talk about during the oral exam… TT any idea?


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