mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

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still in fear of oral tests.. i wonder why.. :/ maybe because of my low self confidence, i just panic when i have to speak in front of someone else, scared by a possible mistake i might make.. silly but.. ie monday i had to be asked in English literature, nothing difficult, just Joyce and Ulysses, but for some reasons, when i tried to speak, words just weren’t coming out..

I was given another chance tomorrow, but i don’t know how well i’ll do.. what scares  me the most is that the last part of my finals exams is oral.. i don’t really mind the written part because i don’t have to directly face my professors, while on the oral part.. i think i’ll just suck.. TT

I have to find a way to overcome it.. absolutely..

D: like i shouldnt be here writing stupid posts in my blog  and just study… but i guess i’ll just do it tomorrow morning –.- i’m hopeless……!!!

I was asked to go in a trip to London after the exams.. D: it would be so nice but.. i’m pennyless and i mean it.. i neither have enough money to buy the 3hree voices II DVD –.- i’ve ordered it.. hope i’ll find those 20€ somehow.. –.- So.. i really have to gather my courage and ask directly someone to hire me TT

I’m also upset with the behaviour of a person.. if u have some problems, speaks them out damn, don’t just be  the victim trying to get the attention of others and have digs at ppl –.- i just cant stand it..  sorry but it’s like that.. i’m tired to be always treated so poorly.. i’m also a person with feelings, a busy life and a scholastic to take care of –.- I know life is not always pink, but it’s also time to grow up. need someone to talk with? call them! need to be consoled? call someone!! do not just write useless things that gets on my nerves and i HATE. End of my speech ^___^ just felt i needed to write it somewhere –.-


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