giovedì 2 giugno 2011


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again… xD

shame on me, i should keep this updated.. –.- but i’ve just moved the function of this blog to twitter.. so.. xD

ANYWAY… I’M AT THE END OF MY HIGH SCHOOL LIFE! i just can’t believe it T__T

I’m so happy really T___T school will end next week ^^

Though rightnow i have to study everything for the final exams ^^””” I’m reading the books for my final essay, but the problem i’m facing rightnow is that i’ll have 10-15 minutes to talk, and my essay is like.. never ending! D: well i still have to write it, but all the ideas i have to demonstrate would take much more time :/

My idea is “Japanese gardens as Land Art” : my goal is to show the likeness of japanese gardens to land art, though i’m also going to compare japanese gardens with western ones ^^

The fact is that i’m attending an high school focused on foreign language, so it’s kinda out of theme what i’m going to do lol..! but whatever i’m bought these books, i don’t wanna change my mind, also because i have no time to do that :/

On the 10th and 14th i’ll also have my FCE exams :/ i’m a bit worried because lately i haven’t got good results in the mock exams.. hope everything will go smoothly! :/ cheer for me! ^^

What else.. I just can’t wait for July to come.. everything will have ended in less than 2 months T_T i can’t believe it T_T finally there will be an end to this torture T__T

I just hope the atmosphere at the university will be different.. not because the one in my class was that bad ^^ just..i need a change! And a change for the best :)

My goal is to improve my korean [which is kinda weak..] and start again with japanese, as i couldn’t keep studying it going to school at the same time >__<

yay yay yay yay!! really hoping this will be my path :)

if not.. lol i’ll just go back to my depression xDDDD Anyway i’ve started to change already and i’m happy about it =) i’m doing many things to help other people, and i’m trying to improve my translating skills =) though being paid wouldn’t be that bad lol

I’m as poor as ever, and no one’s willing to hire me.. *sigh* i need money TT have to buy so many things: mp3 player, new notebook as this one is going to die soon, i’d also like to change my mobile phone as i can’t do many things w/ it..i wanna buy some CDs TT .. and finally i also wanna travel more.. i’m in love with travelling, and i’m so happy i had so many chances during this year! i want more! kekekekekekekekekeke!

Oh.. my professors disappointed me.. D: .. but i’ve decided i’ll just live with it ^^””” i can’t force people to have a good impression of me, can I? =)

I know few things are good about me hehe.. so maybe they’re right i don’t know.. just.. if you had to be right, why can’t you be like that to everyone? ): am i that bad? dunno..

As u can see, i’m trying to keep positive xDDD and! i’ve also started to go to the gym! don’t remember if i’ve already written it xDD the only problem is that i’m not a regular person hahahahah! i tend to neglect it as the diet i should try to follow =P as i’ve said, i’m trying to change! and lately it is going well ^^

The only thing that now is worrying me is –except for the fact i’ll have to do an exam- i’ll have my bad-luck-period during those final exams.. :/ i think i’d lose that little self confidence i still have…!

I promise i’ll try to write more after the exams! *^*


JJ thank you for your daily tweets

which make my day better <3


Bye! going back to my books now! :P


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