martedì 19 luglio 2011

Queen of weird dreams lol

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tonight i had a really weird dream.. but i can't help to love it <3
well i was in Okinawa with my class to have a dinner together in a hotel, and so i started to get everything ready cooking the BBQ meat and preparing the food.. for some reason [that i can't remember] i found myself in the middle of a public sitting next no less than DB5K *____* i was there asking them what time they would have sung their song to get a table ready for them, whilst their manager was giving me a kill look like "who the hell are you to talk with DBSK".
it was about 11.30pm and they still had to perform, so i decided to head down and start preparing their table in case they were coming down.
I had promised my mom i would have been home before midnight, but when i thought there were DBSK there and especially JJ, i didn' care and told my mom i had to stay in the hotel that night [and i don't remember having booked a room neither having paid for it.. mistery lol].
I took a couple of table though my professors were complaining, and got everything ready but as there was no one after 20mins, as i was really tired i decided to go to bed [.-.]
the next morning i woke up at 6am and went down to check if they had eaten, but it looked like they had already left after their performance. a bit sad, i started to clean everything and after a bit one of my classmates joined me [as everyone else had already gone home -.-]
I then asked her if my friends had come to have dinner and she nodded and said they were happy with the food. i was *________* really?? and after a bit i heard someone entering the kitchen and who was there?? JAEJOONG and CHANGMIN!
"Hi! we thought you might need some help to clean up" i was *_____________*
so kind! Then we started to clean but after a bit their manager entered the room yelling at them because they weren't ready to leave yet. so they told him they would meet with him in the city and he left with junsu yunho e yoochun.
I started talking with both changmin e jaejoong and in the end i invited them at my place to thank them for their hard work with a meal.
"So did you like the food? i've read in many interviews that you love meat, that's why i prepared a BBQ"
JJ" oh well, i like it but i also really like vegetables!"
ste"oh good! and the pizza? how was it?"
JJ" thank you the place you recommended us was really good. Never had such a tasty pizza"
ste"oh well here in italy everywhere is like this. Abroad the taste is not the same! I'm sorry i didn't make you one, but i ran out of mozzarella so.."
JJ"oh can you also make pizza?"
*black out*
we were then outside my house with a taxi in front of the gate. I was so sad i didn't want them to leave, but they had to.
So first i went to Changmin and i hugged him really tight [and i liked it lol] and then i kissed him °___°
i moved then to JJ and hugged him [and i liked it A LOT] but then when i had my lips on his min said "oh well what do you want man, she's taller than you"
and i was like =________________________________=
[i think i'll keep having this kind of dream till the day i'll see him in person and check his height..] and this made JJ to break away [kljfkldjkljfkla sorry min i hated you in that moment]. then Min teased JJ saying him i had kissed him for 40 secs [-.- i wanted to kiss JJ that long...].
So they left and it made me so sad. suddenly i remembered i was in need of money and so i went to the place where i was keeping in safe my savings.. in the middle of the square of my town.. =_= i also need a password in my wallet which had been changed that morning by JJ. while counting my money, i rose my eyes and met SHINee eyes °_° i was "wth why are they here?" so i started to try to talk with them but they were avoiding me -.- maybe because i kept asking them to have a concert in my town.. LOL
They left after a bit and then i met F(x) °_______°
For some reasons i was their friend, and they were sorry they had to leave that day so to apologize they began to teach me the coreography of their songs.. in the middle of the street.. with people staring at us because they didn't know they were famous.. i thought "oh well it would be like seeing a group of girls with Tiziano Ferro in the streets of Seoul" and then i woke up

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