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ok i'm really really really really sorry i've abandoned this blog for so much time the thing is.. i'm lazy/had no pc/had a job.
Ok let's start from the beginning lol
  1. I've graduated from high school YAY. After a beautiful 38/45 on the written exams, i.. just.. ok whatever -.- i was so disappointed you can't understand ^^"" in the end i got out with 77/100 which is not bad but.. it is for me =_= really under my normal standards [which you'll understand in next point] The thing that made me the happiest is having got 14/15 in the Italian essay! When my teacher told me my mark, i was "" and then hearing him sayin to other people "it's been one of the best essay i've ever read.. i'd have never thought she could write such a thing" i wanted to cry there XDDDDD what gave me the biggest delusion: English, where i got just 13/15 just like.. people unable to use the English language -.- *hate* (you'll understand my frustration in next point) and finally the 3rd exam.. oh well lol i was a bit unlucky with the questions xDDDD but whatever lollol! the oral exams.. let's.. just don't talk about it -.- apart from "what? Korean language? that's stupid, at least if you wanted to study asian languages you could go for Chinese" .... hey man, who the hell are you to tell me what to do and what to study? If it wasn't clear, i had a little of hate for that gnome-like English teacher <___< he was always there trying to correct my pronunciation and then he was the first making mistakes.. -.- i mean COME ON =_= BUT YES I'M OUT THAT DAMN STUPID SCHOOL I'LL NEVER SEE THAT BUILDING ANYMORRRRRRRRR
  2. I got my result of the FCE exams.. and... I GOT A *goes around the house dancing and jumping* Ok the story is a bit longer.. x°D as always i dare to say.. -.- well, after the oral exam, i went home and and threw away everything related to the school, and.. within those papers there was also the one with the login and password for my result.. the bad thing is that i realised it the day i had to check it on the website.. as always -.- i panicked, and searched in the website, sent an email to the general Italian office, and then read i had to ask the branch where i had registered.. So i got to Treviso, went to the Oxford School office to hear there i had to go to my school to get the other copy.. i called my english teacher and she assured she had given that copy to the secretariat of the school.. i was "ok let's calm down everything is gonna go on the right way.." oh well as i was feeling when you're talking about my school nothing can go well -.- and after 30 mins spent there i got an angry answer "I'VE THROWN THOSE PAPERS AWAY BECAUSE IT WAS JUST TAKING SPACE" -_- a sheet.. "AND COME ON THAT'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE OF, WHY ARE YOU COMING HERE " bla bla bla.. -.- so i just called my teacher who was more angry than me (lol) and she told me to go to Venice where had taken the exams.. The good thing i didn't go and checked the email.. and there it was the answer from the head quarter <333333333333 i got compliments too <3333 i'm so proud of that mark because it shows my teacher i wasn't someone that bad as she thought <_< (and let's highlight the fact i had 8 in English and got A while people with 9 got B.. I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF *boasting*) and it shows how i don't match with school U_____U
  3. My..pc.. broke down T_T let's all pray together.. well it wasn't its fault.. because.. i spilled some water over it..but with my luck , it didn't came back to life.. so it's been 1 month i've been w/o a pc T_T
  4. because of point 3, i was so desperate, i started looking for a job like crazy, and in the end i found one.. and i'm working!!!!!!!! oh well rightnow it's the week of holiday so i'm home xD but yeah i have a contract T_T and everyone is so caring and T_T i love everyone there! Oh right.. i work in a restaurant as waitress ^^ it was so tiring in the beginning but now i'm ok even though i work from 11am to 12am :)
  5. because of point 4 MY DAD BOUGHT ME A CAR <3333333333333 because yeah he also has a job and couldnt drive me to and back from work everyday 4 times.. so i gained a car xD Just a stupid second hand FIAT PUNTO nothing special but it's my first car!! :))
Because of all of this i'm really happy at the moment ^^
What's more in a month i'll also start the university <3 i just cant wait <3333 hope i'll be able to work and study! I can do it U_u

I think this is all .. xD if you want to see more of my crazyness just go to my twitter profile.. I can use it from my mobile phone, so i'm there much more often than in other sites (like my blog)

This year i won't tgo to the Venice Film Festival ): because 1. i have to work 2. there's no actor or film i'm interested in ): but whatever last year i just had too much luck i guess.. )):

oh right..
  • JAEJOONG'S DRAMA HAS STARTED AND IT'S JUST TOO FUNNY X°DDDDD though i don't really like JJ character ._.
  • I've finally realised there's no way i'll be able to meet JJ lol RN i'm just his fan x°D (but baby you have still time to change my mind! xD)
  • KOREA GO WATCH HEARTSTRINGSSS!!! i don't understand why the ratings is so low ): (city hunter- protect the boss) the plot is so cute! <3 Today was the last ep ): *so sad*


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