giovedì 22 settembre 2011


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Almost at the end of the first week at the university..!

Today I had English class… I think.. I’ll just sleep during that hour xD because it’s something I already know.. mas o meno lol

Anyway… I still have to realise I’ll see JJ live.. and.. yeah.. ok I have nothing interesting to say xD

I want to stop working and just spend my life studying and staying in front of my pc but I know that If I go back to that kind of life I’ll be again more and more lazy (and though I’ve changed a bit i  am still really lazy.. and I don’t like this fact..) so I can’t stop..

heute ich weiss nicht weil.. warum schreibe ich auf deutsch?? O_o

anyway.. I don’t know if I should do the english exam (easy points) or start the french language course.. because in one hand I really want to have a good average in marks but it would be really nice if I could start again using the french language.. uhm well let’s see.. I’ll have to choose one anyway in the end xD

what else… tomorrow will be a beautiful day <3 history of korea, korean grammar, and korean class with the mothertongue teacher! I will finally start studying what I am here for! xD here.. there at the uni lol

mercoledì 21 settembre 2011

JYJ I’m coming

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Because yes... my unlucky day brought me to buy the wrong tickets but at least i now own tickets!!!

First days at the uni were ok.. I’ll have to study LEOPARDI during italian literature (=_=) and yesterday I started history of China which.. I thought would just be boring but I was wrong *_* it looks quite interesting! just.. the book is.. scary…

anyway.. today… today had to be the BIG HUGE DAY as I was going to have my first Korean class and.. yes.. I was able to misunderstand the place I had to go DAMN –.-

I’m so pissed off and angry with myself.. T_T what’s more when I got home and started the rush to get those damn tickets.. it didn’t go as planned.. but whatever at least now I know I’ll see JJ live singing.. if I don’t die before that day x°DDDDDDD

[but of course I cant U_U]

sabato 17 settembre 2011

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and after years of problems with windows live writer and the firewall, i’m back blogging from my pc yay!

I’d like to start this post with something amazing but there’s none so… Just be patient i only have a really boring life xDD


Anche se so che comunque stefano è l’unico che legge ancora le cazzolate che scrivo.. XD [cmq per quanto riguarda il mio twitter lo trovi sopra su “contact me” XD]


Today is Saturday.. and exactly in 46hrs i’ll start my first class at the university T_T i can’t believe it T_T

oh well i’m more curious about the length of my excitement X°D anyway! i ‘m really really really exciteeeeddddddd!!! Sorriso)) I’ll be finally studying what I love T_T LOL on Tuesday and Wednesday I went back to my old high school to sell my old books and I was having such a great time looking at all those poor ppl closed in that building MUAHAHAHAHAH

I’ll go on like this I guess for the whole year.. or maybe till my first exam LOL

As for work.. it’s.. killing me in every wayyyy oh well yesterday has been my last full-time day so… I hope working just on the evening will be lighter for me..

I’m gonna have just 1 class a day at 12.15-13.45 lol I can sleep till late [ok 10am.. of course if I have nothing to study.. which.. I don’t think it will happen…] and then have a break of a couple of hours bfr going to work ^^

(twitter is not a good thing to me… I’m using abbreviations too often °_°)

life seems going on the right way!

AND! on October or November I’ll go to a concert of…. JYJ!!!!!!!!!!!!


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