domenica 9 ottobre 2011

I’m crazy <3

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I know <3

but as I know my self I knew I would have done it:

29oct: I’ll be in Barcelona for the first JYJ European concert

6nov: I’ll be in Berlin for the second european concert

best way to spend all the money I don’t have but.. I can’t help it.. at least till the day mr Kim JaeJoong will decide to get married (and not to me) or till the day I’ll decide to get married.. and if both things were to happen at the same time, and with the other person.. well that would be my dream coming true but.. come on we all know that will never happen –.- *still having some faith till Barcelona and Berlin* *runs away*

in a hour I’ll go back to work because.. yes it’s Sunday but I work ._. it should be just for this week though.. and ok I know I need as much money as possible before leaving.. but.. i..also.. wanted to study ._. I’m doing NOTHING which is not a good thing as it’s –3 months to my first exam session… and I need good marks.. because… i.. want that beautiful thing called scholarship.. and to get it I have to study.. understood???? T_T sigh..

OH! another thing: it seems winter at the moment which.. might be normal but keep in mind there was 29°C last week and now.. 9..and.. trust me u feel the difference no matter what ._.

I love this emoticon ._. sorry I’ll keep using it a lot from now on till the day I’ll fall in love with another one.. XD

oh god I really have nothing to say.. my life is really sad ._. OH WAIT IN 3 WEEKS I’LL HAVE SOMETHING TO DIE FOR

ok I don’t know If I’ll be able to take many pics or fancams because I wanna enjoy everysecond of those 2 hours (or 3?) BECAUSE I MEAN I’LL HAVE MY BIAS IN FRONT OF MY EYES AND I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT AND RKSJDFKGJKL

tonight I had a kinda strange dream.. well it was morning because I had woken up and then got back to sleep.. anyway.. I went to a so-called fan meeting before the actual concert because they wanted to inform us about the schedule etc so I sat down on the first row on.. an…amusement ride… don’t ask me why I was there… and there they came AND WHERE DID THEY SEAT? EXACTLY BEHIND ME I WAS FKSKGKJSKJKLD but I was upset as JJ was sitting a bit further.. then I felt something touching my hair and.. it was yoochun caressing them I was like in heaven because I love when people touch my hair and then he started massaging my head with the shampoo.. in short he was washing my hair X°D but it was like awwwww and the important thing was that I spent the whole time thinking “why are you not jaejoong?” LOL I’m a faithful fan-woman-girl even in my dreams U_U and then nothing interesting happened.. or better I don’t remember XD

ok I’ll stop here with my stupid thing.. when I’ll be 50yo I think I’ll have a great time reading all these stupid posts lol (maybe I’ll be married to JJ by that time?? LOL)

giovedì 6 ottobre 2011

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no one missed me yay! I know that ._. but I feel guilty not posting here sometimes.. there are too many places RN to post my stupid thoughts.. like I’m using twitter, facebook, me2day, cyworld, kktalk.. sometimes tumblr.. talking about what..

I don’t understand honestly this love for that kind of blogging.. ok you can freely and easily share what other people make but.. that’s not your blog is it? I started tumblring last year, but if you ever visit my page, u’ll see I  never use it, or it happens but I just reblog a few post of people I follow and the thing stops there.. it has the same appeal as games to me: in 19 years and 8 months of life, I’ve never got fond of games.. oh well let’s say video games which is more accurate xD.. anyway.. for some reasons, I completely suck in that field and I find no interest in developing skills XD

[REMINDER: Stop using abbreviation in your blogging.. or you’ll end forgetting how normal and educated people write]


ok.. now.. I keep wondering if that was the right choice because

  • I’ll be depressed the following year thinking about that day
  • I’ll be so nervous I won’t enjoy the concert
  • I have to line up for hours and maybe I’ll get a good spot
  • I won’t want to stalk him but then I’ll regret it
  • I’ll stalk him and then regret it
  • I’ll keep hoping for a lucky meeting which won’t happen because I’m blind (see stephane lambiel case )
  • I keep reading about polls of popularity he wins and reading interview, and watching clips and… ;_; I should go back to earth ;__; is there a chance to really be his destiny? I mean I look like those girls OHJUSTINBIEBERMARRYME ._. it just doesn’t make sense.. (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just search a bit for justin bieber on twitter or facebook and you’ll have a desire to stop being part of the human being) (though I guess the same thing happened with zack efron a couple of years ago… or maybe more than a couple.. omg I feel old)
  • I am stupid

my dinner at 12am.... on Twitpic

 almost forgot.. part of today's lunch~ 그리고 í��êµ­ì��ë�¹ì��ì�� í��êµ­ê°�ì �ì�´ ... on Twitpic

dinner made by stefy vs lunch at korean restaurant.. if it wasn’t so expensive I’d eat there everyday TT


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