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ages ages ages

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Yep ok I’ve decided to get back to this blog because even though Twitter is faster, in the end all my updates ends being forgotten…so…. I’d better write everything here too.. starting with some of the dreams I had these days… because they were too strange… I’m still shocked at the idea..


I was with my class mates (high school class mates ) on a seaside city and for some reasons that I can’t remind I was put to death with one of my friends.. the reason was really silly and I couldn’t find it right but I neither could do anything to change it.. the only positive thing was I wouldn’t have suffered.. or at least that was what I was thinking.. because after a bit I could clearly hear people screaming in pain inside the mortal chamber… I started being really really scared and when my name was called I was about to cry.. I was saying “I can’t die, I still haven’t seen JaeJoong., or better i ‘ve seen him but I’ve never got to meet him and talk to him… I can’t die till that moment..” nevertheless I was put inside the chamber.. boiling water started to flow but luckily I was able to find an upper place to refuge.. I could clearly see the water be higher and higher. suddenly it stopped flowing. I heard people outiside going away.

I then decided to try to leave that place and strangely the door was open.. I ran on the opposite side of the building and entered a huge back store of a korean market with an old korean man inside.. I looked at him scared and he helped me saving my life.. at least I guess so…

I just know that when I got up I was so shocked… it’s not the first time I dream of being killed… by gun, by poison… why??


I was back in mu high school days.. but in a different environment, like high schools in the US. my class mates were.. DB5K.. I was having a basketball match with them, and had the best time with YunHo and Changmin who spent most of the time teasing and playing with me. they were so kind to me (and so handsome). yet I kept looking at a guy not playing with much interest.. called.. Jaejoong.. I had a crush on him, but as always had no gut to approach him and try to confess. he was the unreachable perfect guy.


I was once again in Berlin for JYJ concert. After the concert, my cousin decided to look for them because she wanted to meet them (though I don’t get why since she thinks they’re all girl and stupid… ._. ) but I decided not to because it wasn’t respectful.

the next day I woke up quite early and dragged along my 2 friends to go to a store for DIY stuff.. well while I was browsing some stuff I saw Min and Ho a couple of meters in front of me I was O_O “why are they here??”

I approached them and asked for a picture together with Changmin in korean and when he asked me if I had understood wheat he was saying and I nodded, he started laughing at me sure I couldn’t be able to understand. I was so upset because as I explained I was studying Korean and so I was able to understand quite well what he was saying.. in the end whilst my friend was taking the pic, I saw Jaejoong passing by, so I went away and started following him. when I grabbed him though, it wasn’t Jaejoong.. just a look-alike man…

Once again.. the unreachable guy for me. Always and Forever I guess

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Ok I should be doing something like STUDYING but the feeling is just not the right one xD it’s midnight and I also should go to bed at some point..ANYWAY..

I’ve come back home exactly 2 weeks ago.. JUST 2 weeks ago I still can’t believe it.. it looks like years has passed…

I don’t have pictures sorry… I still haven’t bought a damn camera… –.- I don’t have the money sigh T_T

everything started on Friday.. or better.. much earlier xD as I started realizing I went to a JYJ concert on Tuesday, when I met all my class mates once again and felt tears dropping down my face.. ok more on a symbolic level LOL I wonder if I’ll ever cry X°D

I was so happy to have gone there and also full of hopes I would have been able to meet them in Berlin.. I mean… I already had been there, I knew that part of the city so well, I was sure someone would have leaked the info about the hotel, I was confident luck was on my side this time.. but.. the more tweets I read, the more I saw them not tweeting, the more I lost confidence… nevertheless on Friday morning I packed my luggage for the third time in a week and headed once again to Venice airport to meet with Elisa, a girl studying Korean with me at the Uni. when I saw her I was so excited knowing in just a few hours I’d have been in a city I love and more important, where JYJ were.

I took something for breakfast, then we went to the gate and waited for our flight.. which this time was in time and nice! except for my cold and period that made the whole journey a bit… uncomfortable –.-

anyway.. we landed in Berlin at about 2pm, got lost a bit our way to the hotel for the first night but eventually able to leave our luggages in our room and leave for the city centre! we were positive we would have been able to meet JYJ on Kudamm Strasse because.. come on there are all the shops you want, and there’s also the KaDeWe where everything is branded.. of course we were wrong –.- we wandered for a bit, grabbed a slice of pizza at Pizza Hut, then kept walking without a real goal, and then it started being quite cold.. we found a couple of hotels, decided to look at them to see if there were some fans but we couldn’t find any.. I started to stalk twitter then and when we got a sort of clue we decided to take a look at the hotels in Friedrichstrasse and Postzdamerplatz… with no positive result.. we were just too cold that after a bit in front of the Brandeburge Tor we decided to get back to our hotel.. discovering then that JJ had been were we had been just some minutes before than us… I dreamt of the boys that night.. don’t remember what though :P

we had the check out at 11am, so we wanted to sleep a bit more, but in the end we got up at 8am, had breakfast in a near bread shop at 9am, chilled a bit in a park in front of the hotel talking about everything, and then decided to get our luggage, check out and then go to the hostel we were going to stay at for the following 2 days (not a wise choice though.. I don’t like hostels and this one made me understand I’ll just stay in hotels with a minimum of services u_u). here we met at the very entrance an italian guy who started to make a fuss for no reason –.- and looked for our support… –.-

As my other friend, called Elisa too, the one who’s from Milan and was with me in Barcelona too, was arriving that afternoon, we decided to take a walk outside, and do some sightseeing, grab something for lunch and then go meet her.. well that was our intention.. somehow I wanted to check the venue of the concert because on the pics it was so beautiful and also because I wanted to see how close to our hostel it was…

when I got there, I didn’t know if I should have cried or what.. there were already people queuing for the SVIP/VIP tickets.. I was imaging my day on the streets of Berlin, maybe with the luck to meet JJ somehow and no… my painful wait for those damn tickets started.. I mean.. it WAS REALLY COLD. and to people who started saying “it was your decision why are you complaning” I really hope you’ll never have to do such a thing…

what shocked me the most was seeing that 90% of the people queuing were japanese.. yes.. and middle age women.. nor girls… the 2 women behind me had just landed after a 22hrs flight from Tokyo.. for JYJ.. your fans are amazing really…

I got to know so many girls and also a fanboy from Sweden! he’s awesome! a pity I didn’t ask him for a facebook contact name ): well whatever.. the afternoon went by so slow, there were people stopping by looking at us like crazy people, taking pictures of us, other fans getting closer, then running away.. I would have loved to do that too –.- I especially got close to 3 chinese girls, the fanboy and 3 german girls behind me.we supported each other and they were so nice to me! Because I was queuing alone as my other friend still had to get there… At about 7pm, while I was totally freezing, my friends arrived and I was finally able to warm up a bit in the hostel first and then in the mc donald at Alexander Platz.. Just to see a tweet of Junsu of him at Brandeburge Tor.. I was.. like dying inside… but whatever I was so dead I didn’t really care… Then I got back to the venue with the food for my friend, and stayed there the whole night.. survived just thanx to the other girls who went back and forth to get some (horrible but at least HOT) hot chocolate to survive that cold and humid night. unable to sleep at all, I was able to survive till 6am, when my friends got back to the venue. by that time the queue was so long I was a bit happy to have suffered so much.. though I was just a VIP, which means i ‘d have been far from the stage anyway.

back to the hostel, wasn’t able to sleep at all because of the noise outside and at 9 my friend called me saying I needed to be there to get my ticket. I was so dizzy that I barely got to get dressed and leave that place (of course with no food in my body).

At the end at about 11.30am, after almost 24hours of suffering we got our damn tickets and posters! We were on the first row of the VIP, a good seat too. we then saw the man selling the fangoods from Korea, and as I went there another girl came with us. as the man was just talking in Korean I had to translate things for them and after a bit he was like “oh! can you understan korean?” “ehm yes” “oh where are you from?” “Venice..I study korean at the university” “Ohhh I see!! good well, if u get to Seoul, give me a phone call, I’ll buy you a meal!”

oh well better described “오빠 떡복기 사줄레?” that man was like 40yo? –.- 오빠..? oh well…


Part 2 coming soon LOL just read a news from my uni and I currently feel like killing SOMEONE <_<

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got so lazy that I was about to forget to write a fan account.. LOL

oh well not that I have that much to say but.. yeah this is one of the things JYJ fans must do to not forget XD

let’s start from the beginning~ not really a good one honestly lol

my flight was scheduled to leave at 9.25am but.. it was delayed of 40minutes.. when we started to line to go through the gate a strange guy stood next to us and started singing on his own and we were like “… I don’t think this is a karaoke room…” the creepiest part was when he started to stare at us smiling.. oh right I was with my friend.. anyway we felt really weird and guess what? when we boarded the plane he was sitting exactly next to me –.-

we finally landed in Barcelona at 12.45 and decided to get to the terminal 2 to meet my other friend who was coming from Milan.. her flight too was delayed.. In the end we got to our hotel at about 3.30pm and had lunch at 4.30pm.. LOL then we reached plaza Espanya to get on the bus going to Poble Espanyol because we needed to get a bracelet for the concert the next day. Well.. there were already people with tents for the concert O_o we were shocked..

after queuing till 8pm, we got back to the city and decided to go eat in the korean restaurant.. which we discovered was already completely reserved –_- we wandered a bit on the streets but at 10.30pm our stomach were so hungry we decided to go somewhere to eat. I really wanted to try something Spanish but.. korean food craving was calling us xD so we headed to the Hanin Restaurant where we ate too much xDD I had Japche while my friends got a whole menu consisting of mandu, salad, kimbap, and meat. Then the waitress asked us if we were in Barcelona for the Kpop concert and we nodded. She was astonished xD Lol AND there was a bottle of makkolli on the table xD I really wanted to try it ;; but in the end I went back to the restaurant and asked for a soju bottle~

the dialogue went like:



me:”소주 있어요?”

waiter:”어 네 네 sfdkjgklfjlshseajfkslgjiutiauio”


the waiter goes to the fridge and takes out 2 kind of soju

waiter:”이건 좀 비싸요 이건 싸요”

me:”그리고.. 싸은 소주 주세요”

waiter runs away I was o_o but then the owner came back and sold it to us.. it was 15euros for 30ml… LOOOL and I didn’t like it at all xDDDDDDDDDD

went to sleep at about 1am and then the next morning we got up at 9 to queue for the concert.. well it got us 3 hours to get to the venue x”DDDD we got ready, left the hotel to grab breakfast at the closest starbucks, but then I remembered I had left my money at the hotel so after having breakfast and doing some sightseeing we went back to the hotel and finally reached Poble Espanyol and… we were about to cry because the line was already so long!

at the moment the never ending wait started xD I called another friend of mine to know where she was and she told me she was in line at the salon del manga and I was “…………..damn!” I was so focused on the concert that I had forgotten they were going there too T_T

all I did for the whole day was jogging up and down the hill, look at the goods, doze off… the time was going by really slowly… but we  made friends with some chinese girls hehe 2 of them were studying in Italy so we started chatting xD

Finally at 8.30pm the gates were opened and step by step we got closer to the entrance~

the strange thing about the whole thing is that I didn’t got excited nor nervous for a single moment.. I’m used to being super nervous before something important but this time nothing happened.. uhm.. I got a bit excited when I heard in the afternoon Junsu rehearsing Fallen Leaves because his voice was so powerful and perfect.. anyway.. we ran in front of the stage but there were already a lot of people so I was on the 15th row I guess.. but… XD I’m kinda tall (179,5cm) so I could see really well anyway xD I’m sorry to the people behind me though T_T

we started chanting JYJ! JYJ! JYJ! and the cameraman started filming people on the crowd XD it was so funny XD then the lights went down and a video started playing on the screen and we started screaming like crazy xDDDD they showed In Heaven MV and I thought it was going to be the first song but nope lol

when they came out all in white I was “OH MY HOLY GOD” they were handsomely stunning!! As all of you know I’m a JJ biased so the fact I was standing exactly in front of him made me think whenever he was looking in front of himself he was looking at me LOL *lame*

The ment were… I LOVE THOSE GUYS X°DDDDD especially Yoochun was so funny XDD I’m so happy I could see these things with my own eyes XD at the beginning they introduced themselves

Junsu “soy Junsu”

Jaejoong “soy…” *silence* *everyone laughs* “…Jaejoong?” X°D


Jaejoong “I’m sure you want to know what’s our spanish level”

Yoochun”the first expression I’ve learnt..” *silence* *starts laughing* “Besame mucho!” (kiss me a lot) after saying it he ran on the backstage and Jaejoong followed him to bring him back on the stage xD (but I think all of you saw it on the fancams xD )

Jaejoong “te….quiero?” “..te quiero?” fan”te quiero!” jaejoong “ah te quiero?” lol don’t worry man

at this time I started looking at Junsu and as always he was focused trying to come up with a better sentence xD but in the end he just said “os queremos” xD and we went crazy ahahahah


junsu asked how many fanboys there were and I was also surprised by the number of people who put their hands up and screamed! I was so proud hehe

then JJ asked how many people weren’t from Spain and then YC said “me too” LOOL I thought you were Spanish xDDDDDDDDD


at one point they changed outfit, YC came out from the right side and after a couple seconds JJ followed him form the left side wearing just half of the jacket so we started chanting “take it off! Take it off!” I’m sure he did that on purpose LOL

oh and he also took off the jacket of the white outfit and after a bit also the tie  XD live striptease xD


during falling leaves we showed the poster with “Grazie (고마워요)” and T_T Jaejoong started crying T_T

Also during the white ocean (which.. was more red than white xDDDD) they all cried T_T I was really happy they were happy too T_T


their live skills are… you need to hear them with your own ears because fancams, dvds, and cds don’t make them justice really… they’re just perfect and they sing with such a passion that you can’t not feel touched T_T

all I could think of when the concert ended was just “thank you thank you thank you really thank you T_T”

at the end when JJ said that was their last song we couldn’t believe it and started to say “no no nonononono” and then “안돼 안돼!!” but nothing could be done.. I was a bit sad because they didn’t sing NINE, you’re, boy’s letter and unamed song part 1 ): but yeah it was good anyway

IN HEAVEN. that song is.. was.. T________________T the beautiful thing ever T_______________________________T I loved it when we all sang it together it was magic T_T

the concert ended to fast… I… really hope next year or in 2 years or when it will happen, it will be longer.. T_T I’m just too thankful for the gift they made to us by coming here I really can’t find any word to thank them T_T

about their physical appearance:

JAEJOONG: is exactly as you see him in pictures and videos.. just.. not as skinny as you could imagine xD he looks fine like that (:

YOOCHUN: MUCH MORE SEXY.. he’s… really sexy

JUNSU: I kept thinking he wasn’t good looking at all, I saw him live and I completely changed my mind.. he IS handsome he’s probably not photogenic xD

when he danced.. you could feel his power and passion as when he was singing <3 the funny thing is that he spent more time with the dancers than with chunnie and JJ xD Junsu was in his world, Chunnie and JJ in theirs xDD

as for now, I have to recover from the cold I caught and get ready to leave for Berlin on Friday xDDDDDD can’t wait to listen to them once again<3333333

oh and this is the fancam I took of JJ solo.. I wanted to show my dad he can sing.. but.. he still hates them ):


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