sabato 10 dicembre 2011

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oh well…
why can’t I just keep the promises I make? I was just thinking a couple of minutes ago, that 2 years ago my time was spent writing stupid blog posts, phoshopping things, visiting and posting in forums, translating subs… now, my whole life is spent between twitter, facebook, youtube.. and when there’s nothing new, I don’t know what to do though I could keep translating Miss Ripley and The Greatest Love, the 2 only projects I decided to moderate.. failing =_= I repeat again and again “you should do that” and in the end I don’t…
2days ago dates of exams were released.. and that’s when I also realized I had to start studying… in less then a month… I should know hundreds of years of chinese and korean history… and Leopardi works too… which I hate.. and… yeah… I was so shocked that last night I dreamt I was taking the history of korea exam and almost failed it completely D: I can’t I can’t I can’t! why? because I want that damn scholarship to go to Korea next year T_T I want it so badly T_T suffered for 3 years to get into this university, suffering a whole year to get that scholarship.. I want it T_T Yet… it looks like this is not enough to make me start studying hard ._. what were I saying last year? “I’m sure at the uni I’ll study a lot because that’s something I really wanna do”? oh well… YES… I mean.. ok being fair I’m studying but… just the korean language –.- Now that I have nothing to do, I could study a bit.. no will at all –.- at least I’m blogging lol.. nothing interesting I know..
oh well there is something interesting I wanted to talk about.. this morning I read an article in a singaporean newspaper about the korean wave, judging it in a bad way. I have to say that I agree on the whole but I was so upset when she started saying that “Backstreet boys were different” .. I mean come on, everyone knows that kpop was born as an imitation of the US huge music market to make similar songs but in Korean.. which means that they weren’t and aren’t that different from korean artists.. yet just korean concerts, music shows, fanmeeting are crazy things.. that’s not true.. there’s always a good and a bad side in things but it looks like everyone is just focusing on the bad ones when talking about kpop. I’m the first criticizing it.. it looks so fake and all the groups are almost alike but this doesn’t mean that those teens have no talent. to become and idol, children (yes I’m not kidding when I say that they start their training at 6-8yo ) have to undergo so many trainings for everything to debut years later. they are perfect in every movement and often when you listen to a song live there’s no difference from the studio version. here of course you can also see the talents: I’m JYJ biased (and DB5K) and everyone knows it, but people can’t deny their live songs are BETTER than studio versions.. which are perfect.. whilst live they’re DIVINE.. though they make kpop.. commercial music.. I think I could say the same for Wheesung, or Hwanhee, or Bae Ji Young or.. I don’t know IU.. IU.. she’s just 18 and started her career at 15yo.. there’s nothing original in her songs, but her voice is no joke.. I’m really looking forward to her future works when she will have matured her style. she’s the usual doll-look-alike idol.. still you can’t say she doesn’t have talent.

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