giovedì 28 giugno 2012


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didn’t die LOL

My level of laziness has reached incredible levels… xDDDDDD that’s why I kept thinking “uhm maybe I should write an entry in my blog… nah taking too much energy”

Reading my last post I was SO scared by the exams but HEYYY everything went well HAHAHAHAHAHA

And I also took the TOPIK exam.. and also final exams for this year! ^^ got awesome marks everywhere Sorriso

I had also a chance to go to Korea this summer for an internship but in the end something went wrong and I’m here in Italy “enjoying” the summer holidays… bored to death –.- I’ve had my last exam on the 9th of June and I’ve been just surfing the net, tweeting, watching dramas and films, doing some house chores, meeting with friends… T_T too bored really… I wished to get a job but there’s no way.. and I have no intention to start working again as a waitress nor I want to go in a holiday resort… I just wanted a simple office work but it looks like that If you’ve studied literature and the korean language no one needs you… sigh… I need money T_T again T_T but I don’t want to go back to the place I used to work at T_T why everything’s so difficult whyyy

part of my friends went to Korea… and I’m here…. in my small village… away from everyone.. and it’s hot D: I don’t like summer…………….. cant wait for October to come –.- and probably even though I thought I might go to Korea on September 99% in will never happen. A bocca aperta

but still I’m happy because I have many friends who love me <3 and yeah that’s my little happiness kk

now I’m ready to go back to the darkness till next post! (which will maybe be created in Korea??? dream girl dream)


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