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Hello dear blog! and good bye 2012 ^^

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It's been such a long time since last time i decided to dedicate myself to a blog.. to be honest the reason is -as i think i've already written somewhere- the huge part SNS has in my daily life.. seriously...
Rightnow it's so easy to post  my thoughts (especially random thoughts xD) tthat i don't see a point on keeping a blog... well... honestly i realized i do need one.. because.. i think my English kinda worsened? in the past years of writing in a not really correct way.. ^^""""

Soooo... i wanted to post this new entry because today is the last day of 2012, and i wanted to write down what made this year worth living...:p though i keep saying my life is really simple and boring hahahah

Ended my first year in the University
Nothing incredible i know XD It's just... last year i remember i was a bit scared about losing any interest in the korean world and drop out of the uni because i didn't want to study anymore... well.. luckily that wasn't the case ^^ Thanks to my studies i got to know so many new and nice people i'm really happy about that :) what's more i've also improved A LOT in my speaking skills and overall in Korean :)
Even though we're not the best in the world as for the teaching of the Korean language, I can't deny it's a really useful experience that i wouldn't had if i didn't start here ^^

In April I took for the first time the TOPIK exam (Test Of Profiency In Korean) which has been meaningful because I could test my level and realize how much I know and how much I still need to study ^^

I got to attend an Easter celebration in Korean.. which has been quite amusing since I was with my Korean friend and she was more sleepy and bored than me hahaha (well that's because we're both atheist but i was charmed by the language and i was trying to understand something xD)

I made friend with 2 girls who were exchange students here and even though there was a age gap (if 10 years... but they don't show their age.. or at least, not on an italian prospective.. xD ) i spent beautiful days with them, discovering parts of Venice i didn't know and studying while having fun. I also got to know 2 other korean girls (...woman? they're 35yo hahaha) who live here to study and work.. so i was able to hang out with them too ^^
I got to know the owner of two korean hostels here in Venice, and i was overwhelmed by their kindness ^^ also had to fix a problem with their internet and phone contract which has been quite a hard task since they just talk in Korean and the Italian company of course could just speak Italian... and I was in the middle trying to understand what the problem was... lol Interesting experience but x_________x

In september i started the 2nd year of the uni :) Now i'm studying for the first term exams ^^ Wish me luck T_T

Met Yukari
After YEARS, we finally got to meet each other! ^^
She was in Europe visiting her boyfriend and thought of coming to Venice to visit the city and at the same time me :)
I was really happy because since when i knew her i kept promising her i would go to Japan but till now... xD I couldn't afford it :p
It was indeed nice since i visited for the first time the various island of Venice (in my whole life i had just gone to S. Marco and the area around my University) and had a great time with her! The only pity was... there had been a problem with my exams so i had one planned the day Yukari was leaving thus i had to study and leave her before the airport T_T and to make things worse my wisdom teeth got infected so i was in pain the whole week ):
 Birth of a new hobby: Nailart ^^
hobby born while i was studying for the final exams... hehe...I happen to find new distraction every exam session... xD
Even though i'm not that good (i'm not a good painter or drawer and i also lack fantasy... so i usually copy what others do and then add something special.. xD ) i really enjoy it ^^ the only problem it takes so much time i stopped after a few months classes had started again.. ):

Venice Film Festival and Kim Ki Duk

First of all, congratulations to him who got such a big prize ^^
Since my professor knows him (she was also his interpreter at the venice film festival) we were able to hear his experience in our class during his staying in Venice!
For some embarassing reasons, i got to know him well lol
and in the end i was also able to celebrate with him, the staff and the cast his winning ^^ (unfortunately there's no pics with them since i was SO tired -had woken up that morning at 6 for an exam and then the final celebration went on till past midnight...- that when i decided to stand up to ask for a pic, he was already going back to his room.. LOL. i fail x°D and ok tbh.. i could have asked before but i'm so shy i don't want to bother other people.. and there were way too many actors around me i felt dizzy x_x)
He was really nice to me hehe i was so shy and embarassed that i was just sitting on my chair hoping no one would care about me but he tried many times to make eye contact to make me smile xD so cute ^^ 
The actress of Pieta was seriosuly beautiful! She looked so young!! while lee jong jin.. he wasn't there the day of the awards because he was somewhere in Paris.. ): i hoped for a pic with him but didn't happen ): (whereas Kim Ki Duk thought i was an hard core fan of him... which.. is not.. LOL.. i just liked him on Plan B hahahaha i wonder what he will now think of me... :°D )

Work as assistant of the poetress Cho Yong Mee
she's such a nice person ^^  I was asked to help her with anything she might need and in the end i think i was the one getting the most :) She cooked for me, chatted with me (or better... she talked and i was listening X°D awkward korean is awkward), spent time with me... I have beautiful memories! It didn't felt like a job at all :) Unfortunately she left on the 10th of December to go back to Korea.. ): 

Going to Korea... ^^

I was taken aback but i won a scholarship so i'll fly to Seoul in February and will stay there till September ^^ I know this is not part of 2012, but i got the scholarship in 2012 so it's only thanks to 2012 than i can make one of my biggest dreams true in 2013 :)
As of now i'm just worried about my exams... hahaha

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