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Half done~ and a bit of promotion for Jaejoong new album ♥

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Loong time no see~ not really but still xD I tried to post everyday but then I thought "that's just wasting precious time for my studying" (not really since I have procrastinated for most of the time :ºD )

Anyway! I've passed (well) 2 exams out of 4 and got a little reward pause in the past 4 days... which I didn't intend to have but... lol.
On monday I bought the new luggage~♥ and started doing some shopping... buying things I probably won't bring to seoul.... and probably won't wear... lol I bought dresses and I usually don't weat dresses xD
What else... oh yeah also bought my flight yeah~^^ I'll be leaving on the 24th of February and will get there on the 25th :)  I won't be able to enter the dormitory till the 28th so I have to find a place to stay at for those 3 days ^^
Yesterday we also started things for the visa... let's hope everything goes smoothly ^^"""

I had some stress from exams, family and preparation, but thankfully things seem going not that bad... ^^

This week Jaejoong released his mini album which.... I've been playing nonstop for the past days... it's just... awesome.... the MV of MINE and the song itself wasn't really my genre but as I kept repeating it I couldn't help but be amazed by his vocals... for real...

My favorite song so far is 나만의위로 which is also the song that made Jackal fall in love in the movie "jackal is coming".
I can completely understand why.. the song is captivating and with an increasing use of instruments starting from a ballad it develops in a beautiful rock ballad song... the bridge of the last song just gives me goosebumps every single time.

This is one of those moments in which I'm so proud of Jaejoong and of being his fan... ^^
Put aside my silly everyday jokes about being his wife etc... seriously I admire him and thanks to his voice and character I was able to keep thinking positive and understand how lucky I am to be where I am ^^

Now let's start another day of shopping... that I should have passed on books... OTL

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