domenica 6 gennaio 2013

Love for photography

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I was thinking i need a new camera.. or better, a camera XD.. for my trip... I don't really need it... it's just i love taking pictures and even though my smartphone's camera is really good, i think nothing's better than a real camera... is it?
I was looking around the internet and found this one...
The resolution of the pictures is 20.1mpx!! O_o
It's just wow! The pictures look so clear.. T_T i was taking a look at the tag on tumblr and seriously that's pure art... T_T (or maybe a person just need to be good at taking pictures? XD)

Anyway, i kinda gave up after i saw the price... too expensive for me... I'm saving a bit for the sake of travelling in Korea, but if i spend my money on this camera i'll be then penniless... so i have to choose between the two choices and of course I'm pending more for the traveling... ^^
I'll just go with a cheaper option :p

By the way, in 2 days.. less than 2 days... on Tuesday I'm having my first exam and OBVIOUSLY I'm procrastinating looking for a camera and an accommodation in Seoul... and i don't need to do so since I've decided to go for the dorm... :°D

I'm fearing it might not be the best choice but... I've never been to Seoul, I've never been away from home for more than 5 days, I don't know what to expect from living alone, I've never shared a place with someone else since i have my own room and bathroom in my house.. ^^"" And an apt for just myself would cost way too much... since I'm not going there to work...

Oh well, now I have to focus on my exams, fill in all the papers, and buy the plane ticket.. all must be concluded by this week...! ^^ Oh I also have to buy a suitcase since it's the first time someone in my family heads out on such a long journey...! ^^

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