mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013


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On monday I finished all the exams yay! Last week I suddenly decided to change my study plan and drop anthropology because it would take me too much time just for that subject and since my major is korean... I decided to focus on korean and korean culture ^^" also because after reading all those books I realised I don't want to work in that field so.. I'm happy to know so many things now though xD

Now I'm trying to focus on the language... slowly.. xD will be really busy in the next weeks because I'm going to meet all my friends and habe to get ready to leave~

Today I went to visit Deb and cooked her some 라볶이 and 김치전 ^^ (rabokki and kimchi jeon) my stomach is hurting so much rightnow ㅠㅠ too spicy for me sob TT
Waiting for next train in a cute coffee shop where I've spent most of my time while waiting for friends and trains since last year!

And what else.. oh yeah on friday I have to go to Milan because of the visa... got to bring my documents and hopefully by the end of next week I'll have my visa! Now all it's left is the health assurance and check all the things with my bank... yay d-day getting closer~♥

I wanted to start blogging in korean so I might write from time to time here just in korean kk that's my goal... to write once a day and record me talking too... like basic stuff but I need to get more fluent since as of now I speak really slowly.. and I can't recall things D: I get too nervous in front of a camera and in front of ppl TT so yeah... that's my goal for the next weeks~
I'll try to keep it up~

Now I gotta go catch the train and go back home (suddenly craving for some spaghetti)

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