mercoledì 2 gennaio 2013

Yet another day with books

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I've been studying ciltural anthropology for the past 2 weeks and as much as I'm loving this field, I think that 6 books for just this exam are way too many @-@
But if you're interested in knowing many aspects of our society (and other society) and the way our brain works, I really recommend to try discover anthropology because it's charming ^-^
The more you know the less you try to judge others because it makes you understand that your vision of the world is not the only one and thus the only right...!
Another gopd point is that studying anthropology ,which is an holistic vision of the world, you also learn economic politic psychological social cultural and linguistic  aspects. So in the end you get a complete image or idea of what a society means to the human kind.

I also received the confirmation email for the University in korea (I'm attending sogang university ) and now what's left is the study plan, the visa, plane ticket, and final preparations to leave.. ^^
Still no news about the dorm though. .. I hope they reserved a place for me otherwise I'll have to find a room somewhere  :/
Let's keep the fingers crossed! 

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