sabato 23 febbraio 2013

DDay -1

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So... i still can't believe it, but finally it's the day before the flight.... and the beginning of a new and scary adventure since it's the first time i'm staying away from home for so long, and especially so far away....

To be honest i have been really excited till this morning, because i had the need to leave this house but... somehow today i woke up with a panic attack thinking this would be the last day spent home... not forever i know but... i guess it's a similar feeling to when you're going to get married? xD i don't know haha

Anyway.. i had promised i would write everyday here but last month turned out to be really hectic so i hardly had time to check the internet and keep in touch with people through SNS... and well yeah, i had farewell parties and met people and relatives here and there... with my mom bragging about my departure with every single person she met... seriously... =.= and then relatives worried i would not come back or worse, come back with a korean guy... lol i don't think that will ever happen hahahah xD

The most stressful thing (or maybe not) has been getting the Visa.. I had to travel to Milan twice to bring the documents and then get my visa but the trip on train was horrible (the second time while i was coming back my train got stuck in the middle of nothing and had to wait for 5 hours in the cold and dark for someone to help us... horrible memories..) and the first day consulate workers were not so nice to us....
But hey! In the end we got everything so yay!
There's was also a bit of confusion about the various papers to fill before leaving but i should have everything filled up? i hope...

As for Sogang... well... I have to say the organization there is completely different from my university... everything is clear, and they help you in every way... ^^

Since i wasn't in Korea yet, i also had to take a placement test somehow so they asked me to write a paper about a topic (there were 9 topics - 3 topics per level (초급, 중급, 고급) - i chose a 중급 one) and send it, and then the said me they would call me on this Friday for an interview.
Obviously i didn't know what they would ask me so i neither knew how to prepare myself.. conclusion is i didn't get prepared at all OTL
the day before i went to my teacher and tried to have a talk but it had no use since she also didn't know what they would ask me.
On friday i had the interview at about 8.20am but i was such in a state i woke up at 6am because of a nightmare:
the lady interviewing me had come to my place and started asking me things in Spanish o_O i was baffled  and asked why and she answered me that Spanish was popular in south america at which i answered that i was going to south korea not south america..
said that, i god a bad mark because i was mixing spanish english and korean and so when i woke up i was really down (it was so real yet so unreal = the university was like a water theme park?? ) so i just started reviewing random grammar points and words for 2 hours... in the end, i started saying things without a sense lol.... I still don't know what level I got in... but i don't have a good feeling since the interview went bad in my opinion... ^^"""
I hope i'll overcome this shyness and panic once i get to Korea... Since I'll have to use korean everyday for 6 months... gosh... this is one of those things which make me not that happy to leave.. T_T i want to stay home can I T____________________T

le me is scared ok....

anyway now i have to finish packing my hand bag... sob....

and tomorrow morning before leaving i have to go to vote for the 2013 Italian Elections ^^

I think this is all~!


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